Astrology for the Soul March 17, 2015

It's time for me to generate,
A brand new sense of Self,
To bring in my dreams and other things,
To the planet I love so well.
The fun never stops on this planet! No sooner do we wrap up a 3 year Uranus/Pluto square then we enter The Eclipse Season! This Friday, less than an hour before the Equinox (Sun moves into Aries) we have a total Solar Eclipse visible from northern Europe up to Iceland. Between now and then the Moon moves through her balsamic phase into the Dark Moon phase. These couple days are ideal for retreat, meditation, dreamwork and inner work (and perhaps not much else haha!).

Rather than see the falling away of the past as a chaotic end we can surrender the old, envision the new, and build ourselves up in preparation for building it with our own two hands, ingenuity, and spirit guidance. Don't be fraught with feelings of loss or confusion so much as trust in plan, a design, a complexly woven tapestry that with practice we can read. Once read, we align ourselves with the force of the future and become the true co-creators we incarnated to be. Blessings on your journey. Injoy

Let us build an Embassy to welcome an E.T.

Now is the time for the return of our creators, the Elohim, who were originally mistaken for gods.

Their return, announced more than 35 years ago by their messenger, Rael, is also foretold worldwide in all religious scriptures and native cultural legends.

The Elohim will return officially by 2035 at the latest. But we must meet two requirements before then:-

 We must show that we really want to welcome We must eliminate aggression toward each other and toward the 's future depends on whether we meet these requirements. - Let us build an Embassy to welcome an E.T. civilization to Earth

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 + Astrology for the Soul March 17, 2015

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