The Magic of Synchronicity

The following is excerpted from:  Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within. (
.  You can find two other excerpts on Reality Sandwich here and here.  The excerpt selection below underscores the power and magical ability of synchronicity to bring us in contact in time and space with those we are meant to spend our lives with.
As a quick reminder to those of you unfamiliar with the term, a synchronicity is a coincidence of seemingly unrelated events that share a common meaning. A typical example of synchronicity is when the beloved clock or watch of an individual breaks or stops at the precise moment of their death. These kinds of “meaningful coincidences” were first identified as a unique phenomenon by famed Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who also coined the term “synchronicity” [2]. A more in depth description of synchronicity and its relationship to phenomena based on similarity in vibrations (such as Sheldrake’s morphic field and homeopathic medicine) is described in this excerpt from my book Active Consciousness.
Please note that I use the term active consciousness to refer to the use of consciousness to affect the way our reality unfolds.  Psychokinesis is one example of active consciousness, as are a variety of manifestation techniques.  Among many other things, my book Active Consciousness includes meditation exercises and a manifestation technique similar to the method described by the Abraham teachings [3].
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This manifestation technique incorporates four key elements or steps, each of which I’ve labeled with a catch phrase to serve as a reminder or mnemonic device for you: NOW+; PURE GOAL; LET GO; and CHOOSE JOY.
  1. NOW+: Focus your attention on the Now and then enter a state of open-heartedness and compassion—a state that I call NOW+.
  2. PURE GOAL: While in NOW+, embody your goal—both in content and feeling. Truly be in the goal state—without harboring any doubt.
  3. LET GO: Once you leave NOW+ and resume life as usual, let go and trust that your goal will come to pass. Continue to release all doubt.
  4. CHOOSE JOY: As you go through your day, stay in contact with NOW+ as much as possible—especially when you need to make a choice. This enhanced state of awareness will enable you to use your deeper emotions as a guide. A calm feeling of happiness or joy will indicate that you are on the right track. A contracted state of unhappiness provides a sign that you are veering off course. Choose joy and you will head in the right direction toward your goal..
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