Raimundos feat. Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) - Dubmundos

Raimundos é uma banda de rock brasileira formada em Brasília em 1987. O nome é derivado de uma de suas maiores influências, a banda Ramones. Com 8 discos autorais, 20 anos de estrada e mais de 3.000.000 de cópias vendidas o Raimundos está marcado na historia como uma das principais bandas de rock do Brasil. Após sofrerem uma baixa de popularidade após a saída do vocalista Rodolfo Abrantes em 2001, a banda decidiu continuar sem seu vocalista original.

Douglas Rushkoff Social Media and the Perils of Looking for 'Likes'

Living for likes makes a teen's social career a whole lot easier, in some respects. Now there's a number letting kids know how popular they are, how well a photo is resonating with their friends, or whether their video stands a chance of vaulting them into the professional world of singing, skateboarding or twerking.
What they may not understand, however, is that this game of likes is not taking place on a level playing field. It was constructed by companies whose multibillion-dollar stock valuations are depending on little more than generating traffic -- more likes, follows and favorites -- and then selling the data that can be gleaned from it. Read more here.

Taking on the Singularity: Jason Silva and me at the 92Y
 Here's a fascinating discussion I've been meaning to have for a long long time with Jason Silva, about psychedelics, technology, and the "designer reality" I've been writing about since 1988. I talk a bit too much here, but it's probably because I have been storing it up for a while.
What I'm trying to argue is that we don't yet know what's happening right here in this realm - so it might be a little early and foolhardy to be talking about uploading humanity to a new, technologically mediated platform. The opportunity of a digital age - of any new age - is to regain a sense of purpose. Whether it's reevaluating what our economy is for, or reevaluating what technology is for. Or even to consider the value system of "progress" and its own embedded biases.
Anyway, it's a fun talk with a taller, much handsomer version of me from twenty years ago.

Big Trouble In Little China (1986) trailer

Shots of Awe Technologies of Ecstasy

"Reality, it seems, is multiple, and tightly coupled to perception. The conditions of perception can be varied within a broad range by a variety of psychedelic technologies."
-Diana Slattery, Shots of Awe, Jason Silva

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