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L.B.D.A – Trailer Ras

Here’s a little throwback for you guys. This is the official music video to Long Beach Dub All Stars first single, “Trailer Ras” off the 1999 release of Right Back. The video was filmed in the heart of Long Beach, CA & shows the carrying of the torch from what Sublime started, to what the Dub Allstars continued in preserving the Reggae-Rock sound & community that we celebrate today.

To this day, the band does not get enough credit for the music & collaborations they created

Obama versus Merkel

This is an excerpt of a Belgian Comedy News Show involving nsa s eavesdropping.
Reports: Obama Considers Ending Spying on Allied Leaders,trolol, my 50 cents .

The Singularity Is Near Movie Trailer

The Singularity is Near, A True Story about the Future, based on Ray Kurzweil's New York Times bestseller, intertwines a fast-paced A-line documentary with a B-line narrative story.
I heard about the singularity via Terence Mckenna.
During the final years of his life and career, McKenna became very engaged in the theoretical realm of technology. He has advocated the idea of a technological singularity.[24] In his last recorded public talk, Psychedelics in The Age of Intelligent Machines, he outlined strong ties between psychedelics, computation technology, and humans.[25]
full stream here.

+ Bring on the Singularity - Dr Steel Singularity Music Video Zeroes and ones The curve’s begun Nanotechnology transcending biology This is how the race is won By my hands the sons of man Understand, execute the plan Reverse engineering the human mind Only a matter of time That this fractal design Emerges electronic life with Prophetic symbology and Modern technology Bring on the Singularity Transcend Transcend biology Bring on the Singularity Transcend Transcend biology Immerse me in Virtual reality and The order of the galaxy The possibilities expand Demand more than the Factory software I don’t care I want to be smarter And stronger and live longer Speed up the accelerating returns Cause carbon doesn’t work I want to evolve and operate at terahertz So bring on the knee of the curve And let’s transcend biology Our archaic humanity Bring on the Singularity Bring on the Singularity Bring on the Singularity Transcend Transcend biology Bring on the Singularity Transcend Transcend biology Bring on the Singularity Transcend Transcend biology Bring on the Singularity Transcend Transcend biology And will I evolve to rise or fall Becoming non-biological And will I evolve to rise or fall Becoming non-biological Transcend biology Bring on the Singularity Transcend Transcend biology Becoming non-biological Becoming non-biological Will I evolve to rise or fall Becoming non-biological Bring on the Singularity Zeroes and ones Zeroes and ones

Grant Morrison 18 DAYS - Ep15 - The Sounds of War

Here is the 15th part.
Grant Morrison 18 DAYS - Ep15 - The Sounds of War 
The Kauravs and Pandavas sound the battle cry!
All previous parts over here.


Everlast – Jump Around (Acoustic)

Remember House of Pain and their 1992 hit “Jump Around”? Well the former front-man of House of Pain, Everlast, released an all acoustic album on August 27th via Martyr Inc. Records titled The Life Acoustic. The final track on the all acoustic album is an acoustic rendering of “Jump Around” and the video for this remix is below.

Doug Stanhope criticizes Occupy Wall Street

 Comedian Doug Stanhope on how he would have made OWS better and more effective.


The Nova Convention

Recorded at the Nova Convention, 1978Conversations - Timothy Leary, Les Levine, Robert Anton Wilson and Brion Gysin
00:00 Timothy Leary
01:26 William S. Burroughs
02:30 Les Levine
03:39 Robert Anton Wilson
04:01 Brion Gysin
here is a grooveshark audio link.

How the Universe Works - Galaxies

 In this eppisode scientists like Michio Kaku talk about the estimated 200 billion galaxies in the known Universe and explains where galaxies came from, how they work, what's their future and how they will die

other parts here

UFODI News: Super Bright UFO Descends Upon Akureyri Iceland 29th Sep 2013

 Location: Akureyri Iceland
Date: 29th Sep 2013
Witness: Bjarki Mikkelsen

A super bright UFO descends upon the city of Akureyri Iceland and goes straight to the ground for landing in the heavily populated area! What on Earth could this be? What produces such light during the day that comes from the skies and lands in a populated area? we would like to hear your opinion!


Shots of Awe Shots of Awe Artificial Intelligence

 "The daily grinding of evolution, as accelerated by technology, churns out more and more complex organisms, with higher rates of energy use, and with increasing specialization. Minds are the ideal way to express complexity, energy density, increasing specialization, expanding diversity -- all in one system. Mindedness is what evolution produces. Mindedness is what technology wants, too." Kevin Kelly



Korn - 'Chaos Lives In Everything'

Check out the official video for Korn's 'Chaos Lives In Everything' (Feat. Skrillex) from their latest album 'The Path Of Totality'

Ancient Aliens The Power of Three

Reverence for the number three dates back thousands of years, and can still be found today in art, architecture, science, literature, and religion. What is it about this number that continues to fascinate mankind? Could this recurring motif contain a profound message? The ancient Egyptians believed the design of the three pyramids of Giza came from the Gods. Diverse cultures across the world worshipped divine beings that ruled as all-knowing triads. Isaac Newton searched for the secrets of the universe in an ancient tablet that spoke of the power of the number three. Even the language of our DNA is written in a pattern of threes. Could the combination of all the trios and trinities embedded throughout the mythical and religious world suggest that the power of three might somehow connect humanity with divine or, as some would believe, extraterrestrial forces?

World's 10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken

Strange and genuine photographs you will never forget...

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