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No one in the universe has read the terms and conditions

Orwell, Huxley

Take back your power "Smart" Meters & Surveillance: What Are Your Rights Worth?

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The dark side of the family tree moon

Oh. I see you've found my special room. This is great. I mean, this is very similar to what I used to do at work. And the detail is so good. Do you know what you're looking at here? 

 Tom:Uh, no. 
 This is Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot in 1963. - Exact replica. - 

Oh. Wow. Yeah. Grassy knoll,book depository. 

With this model I was able to prove that not only did Oswald not act alone, but I proved how they were able to cover their tracks with all the evidence they left behind. The grassy knoll and the book depository--they moved it in the middle of the night. Cut it into pieces,took it all down, moved it to Area 51. -

 They moved the grassy knoll? -

 Oh, yeah, to Area 51. It's sitting there right now.I have friends who've seen it. Too much evidence in there.They couldn't let it sit.

 Is that the moon? 

 That's the moon, all right,where the supposedlunar landingtook place in 1969. The supposed lunar landing? Do you really think we had the technology in 1969 to get men on the moon and bring them home? - Kinda.- 238,000 miles average--221 at perigee, 252 at apogee. - 

I do.- 

A moving target. You think they landed on the moon? - 

Yeah. -

 No, they were orbiting around the Earth while they did this all on a soundstage. 


Area 51.

 Uh-huh. Behind the grassy knoll, probably. You ever see the footage of the men on the moon? - 


There's an American flag blowing in the wind. Oh, wait, there's no wind on the moon 'cause there's no atmosphere. There should be a crater under the LEM There's no crater. There should be a little crater for when they're landing. What about the star field behind them? There's no stars in the background. 


They're in a soundstage.

 It didn't happen? We got taken for a ride is what happened. - 

Is that a city on the moon? -

 Al: Well, that's on the dark side of the moon. There are people there. They've been there for thousands of years. - 

Of course.- There's a whole alien race living there. 

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. 

That's a good album. 

 Oh, my hero. Neil Diamond. Great singer and a man who knows it all. That's why they wanted to shut him up. Look at this. Neil Diamond: concert cancelled. Throat problem. "Neil Diamond Concert Cancelled. - Singing Legend Cites Throat Problem." - 

Yeah. Couldn't talk or they didn't want him to talk? - 

Probably couldn't talk. - Oh, no, they didn't want him to talk. - Right. - He knows where all the bodies are buried,about the New World Order, enslavement of the masses, health care for all. - He knows about it. - 

Neil Diamond does? 

Oh, yeah.And he was ready to sing. 


Mike Marino - Wal Mart (Stand Up Comedy)

Mike Marino talks about the problems with Wal Mart.

The mememinator

 the aliens did it :p


When They Come, Will They Be Friend or Foe? Discovery Presents ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE  aka The Definitive Guide to Aliens

What will they look like? When are they coming? And - perhaps the most important question - how will we know? An all-new co-production between Handel Productions (Montreal) and Arrow Media (U.K.), Discovery presents ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE, a cheeky two-hour special. Tapping the brightest minds on this planet, the original special is an "Encyclopedia Galactica" of non-Earth life forms that explores the quintessential questions that scientists are grappling with right now: Where do aliens call home? Could "The Blob" really be alive? Do aliens use warp drive? And will they be friend or foe?

Written with signature style and wit by Julian Jones (HOW WILLIAM SHATNER CHANGED THE WORLD, THE GREAT SPERM RACE), and directed by Mike Davis (MARCH OF THE DINOSAURS, producer; CURIOSITY: BATTLEFIELD CELL, director), ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE delves into the fascinating world between the science fiction imaginings of STAR TREK and DR. WHO, and the real-life work of renowned physicists, astrobiologists, astronomers, and leading institutions including NASA and SETI (Search or Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Institute) - and these worlds of fact and fiction are closer than ever before! With spectacular CGI and visual effects by Mokko Studio (Montreal), ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE imagines visions of alien encounters that are shockingly realistic.

In this galaxy alone, there's an estimated 60 billion planets that could sustain alien life. But is E.T. most likely to resemble a fish? A bird? Or a blob? Would we even recognize it as an alien if it didn't look like the "little green men" of popular culture? How will they get here? How long would it take, and how would these beings survive a trip of hundreds of centuries? And would they get lost along the way, turning left at Saturn instead of right? On contact, how would we communicate? Perhaps these
other-worldly beings have created great civilizations - far surpassing anything found on Earth - and they are way more advanced than us, like the Vulcans. Will aliens be smart like Spock?

Be it to fight invaders or befriend curious extra-terrestrial visitors, scientists are preparing Earth for first contact with alien life. ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE explores where aliens might live, what they could look like, how intelligent they are, and how they can do the seemingly impossible: travel across time and space. The world's brainiest planet hunters scour the universe in search of alien home worlds; astrobiologists unlock the secrets of alien evolution; NASA's top technicians explore the inky infinity of space to imagine the next generation spacecraft - even warp drives - to suggest the technologies super-advanced aliens will use to get here; and experts advise on how to greet an alien and what to do when they get here. Let's hope - for the sake of mankind - that they ultimately come in peace.
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