Derren Brown Infamous The Times Review + DERREN BROWN & ANDY NYMAN DISCUSS INFAMOUS

World-renowned illusionist Derren Brown and his collaborator Andy Nyman tell WhatsOnStage about their latest show, Infamous

Never stop dreaming

Terence Mckenna - Stop worrying or being anxious, it's pointless

... of imagination

Shiver me timbers

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Official Trailer

Johnny Knoxville stars as Irving Zisman in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. In theaters October 25th!


Nitro Circus Live + some tumblr hizzy

Synchronicity In Movies

Synchronicities in movies.
Repo Man (Synchronicities)
Inglorious Bastards & Fight Club (Brad Pitt and movie reels)
Kill Bill & Pulp Fiction (Uma Thurmam and being square)
Dark Knight & The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Heath Ledger the hanged man)
Diamonds Are Forever & Zardoz (Sean Connery shoots the audience)
I, Robot & I Am Legend (Will Smith and broken bridges)
eXistenZ & Gattaca (Jude Law is paralyzed)(I forgot to put this one in the credits at the end)
Valkyrie & Minority Report (Tom Cruise the one eyed man is king)

That's synchronicities in 15 movies total in under 4 minutes!

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How to put a human on Mars

One of Earth's closest neighbours, Mars is still some 56 million km away at its closest alignment, a journey of at least nine months. Rovers have landed on the Red Planet, probes have scanned its surface but what would it take to put a human on Mars? The BBC asked scientists from Imperial College London to design a mission which could take astronauts to the planet - and back.

Watch the videos and explore this interactive to find out about their radical solution.
More here.

How to put a human on Mars The journey
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