Robert Anton Wilson - Coincidance

No, the spelling of the title is not a mistake. Dance a mad dervish whirl of coincidence and synchronicity with Robert Anton Wilson and his dancing partners James Joyce, the Marquis de Sade, William S. Borroughs, Carl Jung, Timothy Leary, Bobbie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and a host of others.
Coincidance is one of Wilson's personal favorites. If you liked Prometheus Rising or Quantum Psychology, you will love Coincidance!

You can read parts of it here.

Synchronicity, Isomorphism and the implicate order notes on Jung and quantum mechanics


Notorious- Trailer


Notorious is a 2009 American biographical film about the life and murder of The Notorious B.I.G. who is played by Jamal Woolard.


Joe Rogan & The Pharmaceutical Industry: Prescribing Happiness

 Joe Rogan & The Pharmaceutical Industry: Prescribing Happiness

Robert Anton Wilson quotes

Distances driven on other worlds

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Alan Abbadessa-Green ; Finding the Natural Flow in Synchromysticism on Cosmic Gnostic Radio

Alan Green has produced through his Sync Book Press two (2) Sync Book Volumes that each contains 26 authors. We get caught up on what Sync Book Press has released since our last interview with Alan. Then Alan gives us his insights on questions asked pondering on the uses of synchromysticism. He explains what synchronicity is, what synchromysticism is, how he's found it and sees what it is, and much more.


King candy - Have some candy

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