Synchronicity happens

Flying Saucer : America·s secret revealed

TOC 2013: Douglas Rushkoff, "Present Shock"

Diversity Conversation with Douglas Rushkoff

Crytek bs

so apparently crysis 3 only will run on a directx11 graphics card, no patches for 10.1 or 9.0c wich is totally lame! 
s*ck it crytek.

UFO UK: New Evidence

Are aliens really out there? You've heard tales of little green men from other planets, but these are normally consigned to urban legends and sci-fi fables. However, a dossier of files released by the Ministry of Defence last year proves just how seriously some of these close encounters are taken by the government. Discover the truth in UFO UK: New Evidence.
Since August 2010, these previously classified 'UFO files' have been in the public domain - and they reveal some startling goings-on in the skies above Britain. There's Winston Churchill's wartime cover-up, the alleged UFO crash in a remote part of Wales and the East Anglian sighting that left police, coastguard and radar operators scratching their heads. Among the many other reports brought to light are the hushed-up camera recording of a UFO over Scotland and the bizarre experience of a Boeing 737 jet pilot flying above Manchester.
The files also provide a fascinating insight into how attitudes towards alien visitors have changed over the years, with everything from war to The X Files playing their part in the timeline. But this is more than just a case for Mulder and Scully.

  • UFO UK: New Evidence: Episode 1
    From Winston Churchill's wartime cover-up to an alleged UFO crash in Wales, a new Ministry of Defence dossier lifts the lid on Britain's X Files.



Robo Cup


Mortal Kombat & Dan Forden

Daniel "Dan" Warner "Toasty" Forden (born September 28, 1963) is an American sound programmer and music composer.
Probably best known as the "Toasty" voice (MKII, MK3, UMK3, MKT, MK4, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, MK 2011), his photo would sometimes appear at the bottom as he exclaimed "Toasty!" when an uppercut was performed. Forden would also be heard when Scorpion performed his well-known "Toasty" fatality.


Jaques Fresco quote

Saigon -Its A Crazy World Official Video

PHILIEANO - ABOMINATION ft. Raleigh Theodore Sakers

The butterfly effect

a chaotic effect created by something seemingly insignificant, the phenomenon whereby a small change in one part of a complex system can have a large effect somewhere else

All-Star Top 5 Plays of the Night: February 15th

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