Bigelow & CCS Skywalker

Jesse Ventura also visited bigelow in search of some conspiracy of ufo·s in the latets episode
"Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory – Skinwalker Ranch" :
UFOs corralled in the Utah desert – could it be true? An eccentric millionaire may indeed have a secret or two tucked away on hundreds of acres of a privately owned – and heavily guarded – ranch, and it’s not for R&R. Amazingly, his reach extends far beyond the states, and into outer space, where he is building a space station of his very own to retreat should things on earth go awry. Yet when Jesse hears tales that people have died battling aliens on our soil, he knows this is no joke, but could be a deadly conspiracy that could be out of this world.  


Star trek into darkness trailer

After being called back home, the crew of the Enterprise find a seemingly unstoppable force which has attacked Starfleet and left the planet in chaos. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are tasked with leading the deadly manhunt to capture the party responsible and settle an old score.

REGGIE WATTS on Russell Howard's Good News

Alienpunk·s punkrock christmas songs

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

Set in the tenth year of the First Cylon War, the story follows William Adama, a young pilot with the call sign "Husker". Adama, a new Academy graduate, is assigned to the newest battlestar in the Colonial fleet: the Galactica.[6] He is ordered to escort a young woman, who eventually turns out to have information that carries significant importance to certain Cylon secrets.[7] He is accompanied by Coker Fasjovik. The routine mission eventually turns dangerous and becomes a pivotal part in their story

The Police - Synchronicity

With one breath, with one flow
You will know

A sleep trance, a dream dance
A shaped romance

A connecting principle
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectable
Yet nothing is invincible

If we share this nightmare
Then we can dream
Spiritus mundi

If you act as you think
The missing link

We know you, they know me

A star fall, a phone call
It joins all

It's so deep, it's so wide
You're inside

Effect without cause
Sub-atomic laws, scientific pause

What is Synchronicity? Carl Jung

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described in this terminology by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s.[1]

The concept does not question, or compete with, the notion of causality. Instead it maintains that, just as events may be grouped by cause, they may also be grouped by meaning. A grouping of events by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

Robert Anton Wilson - The Synchronicity Aspect

Visca el Barça!

MADRID: Barcelona forward Lionel Messi reached another milestone in his incredible career yesterday morning when he broke Gerd Mueller’s 39-year-old record of 67 goals in a season for a European top-flight club


John McAFEE 's opinion on CNN, Joshua Davis and Belize 's corruption

LG Elevator Floor Prank illusion



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