Harlem Globetrotters 7'8" "Tiny" No Jump Dunk

Celebrities/Characters reenacting the all seeing eye/eye in a pyramid

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"Some of our favorite celebrities are puppets being controlled by the Illuminati (I’m not calling them satanists, just puppets). Though maybe this is just a coincidence. Maybe it isn’t, but who really knows. "

Tenacious D - Roadie

'Prometheus' Extended Trailer

The Firm ft. Dr.Dre - Phone Tap


Nas - Phone Tap (Live at #VEVOSXSW 2012) ft. AZ

Derren Brown - The Gift



Derren Brown on Jonathan Ross

The Colbert Report Higgs Boson Humor

The New York Times reports that physicists are getting closer to finding the so-called "God particle" with the Large Hadron Collider

The Word - Change We Can Believe In
Barack Obama's plan to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy pits rich against poor, but luckily, the poor aren't buying it.

Beardyman - Massive Attacks - Tear Drop


BeardyMan Montreal Comedy Festival 2011


Beardyman Talib Kweli Beatbox

Joe Rogans Theory on Life and People

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