Daedelus - Sundown

Cypress x Rusko - "Roll It, Light It"

its better then korn ft skrillex though ;)

Bambones 2012 - Homenaje a los Indignados (con subtítulos) - Carnaval de Tenerife

Los Bambones, ha sido reconocida como la mejor Murga del Carnaval de Tenerife 2012. Destacando su canción dedicada al Movimiento Indignado, 15M.

"Los indignados, gente joven que salió a la calle a protestar, por nuestros derechos, de gente que está en paro.No se quedaron es sus casas y ya solo por eso, solo por eso, se merecen un homenaje"

Final de Murgas, Primer premio de interpretación, Los Bambones



Fashawn - Samsonite Man

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Will Ferrell

New Earth-like planet could support life (February 2012)

Ancient Aliens: The Evidence

If ancient aliens visited Earth, what was their legacy, and did they leave behind clues that exist in plain sight such as sophisticated aircraft, complex electrical grids, and intricate construction machinery? Indian Sanskrit texts, dating back to 6000 B.C., describe in varying but vivid detail flying machines called Vimanas. Megalithic stone structures in Egypt reveal evidence of precision saw work. Interpretations of the Jewish Zohar writings offer depictions of a life-sustaining manna machine, eerily similar to chlorella algae processing systems today. Are these examples of modern technology, or is there evidence that these incredible mechanisms existed on Earth thousands of years ago?

Joe Rogan Experience PODCAST #189 - B Real Of Cypress Hill, Brian Redban

Faithless - Sun to me

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