nba top 10 dunks of the week 2-3-12

lol @ blake griffin nr1 dunk of this week and nr2 dunk
There are 19 days until 2012 Orlando NBA All-Star Weekend! Sunday, February 26, 2012
7:00pm EST
Amway Center

RJD2 - A Spaceship For Now

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Jonathan Macey Extended Interview

In this unedited, extended interview, Jonathan Macey examines the influence of America's corrupt political culture on its financial system.

Money Talks - The Haves & the Soon-to-Haves
John Hodgman explains that the haves are creating an exclusive world of luxury and privilege for the soon-to-haves to have -- soon.

Douglas Rushkoff to Robert Anton Wilson

Douglas Rushkoff A.D.D.: Adolescent Demo Division

Art and Cover by Goran Sudzuka and Jose Marzan Jr.
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"ADD’s laser-guided smart missile zeroes in on the black undercurrents of gaming culture, celebrity and the pharmaceutical industry to target the secret wars being waged behind our monitor screens. In a world defined by ubiquitous media, best-selling wargames, autistic disorders and the commodification and exploitation of youth, Doug Rushkoff and artist Goran Sudzuka vivisect the zeitgeist with a sleek tale of tomorrow’s children, that’s part social sci-fi and part “X-Men” for the PlayStation generation.”—Grant Morrison

Talking Points: Douglas Rushkoff On Facebook IPO

Joe Rogan - Nobody Knows

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Indecision 2012 - 2012: A Space Oddity + I Know What You Did Last Quarter

Indecision 2012 - I Know What You Did Last Quarter
Mitt Romney justifies making more in one day than the median American family makes in a year, while paying the same tax rate as the guy who scans his shoes at the airport.

Top 10 Dunks of the Week: January 27th

Joe Rogan Podcast - Aliens vs. Religion (with Everlast)

@ 02.05min :Everlast: "If a ship full of aliens actually came and landed here, in full view of everybody that f*cks up alot of people "belief systems" (lol)

Joe Rogan Experience - Consumption Equality

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