"Fuck man, I tell you when I was a kid I read Robert Anton Wilson and all this shit and here we are, we're standing here, talking about this shit and it's real!" Grant Morrison

G -Saw

G-Saw Yannis Borrey, ostend-city
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A New Earth with Eckhart Tolle

exploring Eckhart Tolle - A new earth

"A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose" is a book by Eckhart Tolle, a follow-up to his first book and bestseller, The Power of Now. Tolle says "this book's main purpose is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to try to convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness; that is to say, to awaken"
(michael angelo quote:"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free" )( saw that couple of weeks ago on an oldschool paper calendar :D)



Janez Detd. Circo

Recherche d'autres artistes comme Janez Detd. sur Myspace Music

Recherche d'autres artistes comme Janez Detd. sur Myspace Music

Billy The Kill - Spit It Back @ Groezrock 2009

billy the kill playing spit it back at groezrock 2009, Etnies back to basics stage.


2081: Everyone Will Finally Be Equal

Based on the short story Harrison Bergeron by celebrated author Kurt Vonnegut, 2081 depicts a dystopian future in which, thanks to the 212th Amendment to the Constitution and the unceasing vigilance of the United States Handicapper General, everyone is finally equal... The strong wear weights, the beautiful wear masks and the intelligent wear earpieces that fire off loud noises to keep them from taking unfair advantage of their brains. It is a poetic tale of triumph and tragedy about a broken family, a brutal government, and an act of defiance that changes everything.

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Sheiks of Dubai performing a brand new song "Red Queen" at the paulusfeesten in Oostende.

MadSin Ft. G-Saw

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Wiz Khalifa - Damn It Feels Good

Ese lugar - Sharif - Insomnios, Nostalgias y Descartes

Tema del maxi de descarga gratuita de Sharif en 2011 Insomnios, Nostalgias y Descartes

THE MOVEMENT "Set Sail" - stripped down MoBoogie Loft Session @ Lodo's

Sun Tzus The Art Of War History Channel

later on im goin to checkout the book :)

Les Miami Punque - Breakbeat ft. Juz Kiddin' (WAP rework)

Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts flying high!
from the song Only Son "Stamp Your Name On It , song is not that good though

Reggie Watts - F*$K,S#%T,STACK

Robert Anton Wilson on Chapel Perilous

"Chapel Perilous is a stage in the magickal quest in which your maps turn out to be totally inadequate for the territory and you're completely lost. And at that point you get an ally who helps you find your way back to something you can understand. And then after that for the rest of your life you've got this question: Was that ally a supernatural helper, or was it just part of my own mind trying to save me from going totally bonkers with this stuff? And the people I know who've had that kind of experience, very few of them have come to an absolutely certain conclusion about this." Robert Anton Wilson

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Mike Marino - Driving to Tijuana

Juz Kiddin live at The Hop - Studio Brussel (Part 2)

Monkey Jazz : BEARDYMAN & mr_hopkinson

Oompa-Loompa Blues - BEARDYMAN [ HD ]

RAP NEWS 9 - The Economy ^_^

30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday

Safety Orange - To Save A Man

The Animals- Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Pekar and Rushkoff on a Life Incorporated

Pekar and Rushkoff on a Life Incorporated


Four Horsemen - Official Trailer

Bjork - Virus (Dj Ridu Remix)

Noxx De Ville - How Ya Doin


My music is a compilation of my past, my memories, my dreams, my goals and my surroundings. I hope it does what you need it to. You dont really need to know more about me.



PDF Wikileaks Symposium Video

via rushkoff
Watch live streaming video from pdfleaks at livestream.com

Douglass Rushkoff - Just another cyberwar

Just Another CyberWar

Published at CNN.com this morning.

(CNN) -- Like a momentary glitch on a flat-panel display, the attacks by hackers calling themselves "Anonymous" came and went. Visa, PayPal, MasterCard and Amazon report no significant damage, and business goes on as usual. The corporations acting to cut off WikiLeaks remain safe.

Although many are unsettled by the thought of a site such as WikiLeaks revealing state secrets or a group of anonymous hackers breaking the security of the banking system, events of the past week reveal that such threats are vastly overstated.

If anything, the current debacle demonstrates just how tightly controlled the net remains in its current form, as well as just what would have to be done to create the sort of peer-to-peer network capable of upending corporate and government power over mass communication and society itself.

While in the short term, WikiLeaks managed to create a public platform for a massive number of classified cables, the site itself was rather handily snuffed out by the people actually in charge of the internet. That's because however decentralized the net might feel when we are posting to our blogs, it was actually designed around highly centralized indexes called domain name servers.

Every time we instruct our browsers to find a web page, they ping one of these authorized master lists in order to know where to go. Removing WikiLeaks or any other site, group, top-level domain or entire nation is as easy as deleting it from that list.

The durability of WikiLeaks' disclosures rests less in the willingness of many rogue websites to attempt to host them in WikiLeaks' stead than in the sanctity of traditional news outlets such as The New York Times and Guardian of London, which were also sent the complete package of classified documents and can't be turned off with the online equivalent of a light switch.

Likewise, the server space on which our websites appear is owned by corporations that have the power -- if not the true right -- to cut anyone off for any reason they choose. It's private property, after all.

Similarly, our means of funding WikiLeaks is limited to companies such as Visa and PayPal, which immediately granted government requests to freeze payments and donations to WikiLeaks. It's the same way a rogue nation's assets can be frozen by the banks holding them.

Hackers, angered at this affront to the supposed openness of the internet, then went on the attack. They used their own computers -- as well as servers they had been able to commandeer -- to wage "denial of service" attacks on the websites of the offending companies.

Most of those companies, already armed with defensive capabilities designed to fend off intrusions from the likes of the Russian mob or the Red Army, survived unscathed. Only MasterCard was noticeably, if only temporarily, disrupted. Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter quickly disabled accounts traced to those using the services to organize their minions.

And all this tamping down occurred on today's purportedly "net neutral" internet, which offers no real advantage to one corporate-owned server over any other.

We can only imagine the effect of these events on those who will decide on whether to maintain net neutrality or give in to the corporations that argue the internet's distributive capabilities should be reserved for those who can pay for such distribution, by the byte.

No, the real lesson of the WikiLeaks affair and subsequent cyberattacks is not how unwieldy the net has become, but rather how its current architecture renders it so susceptible to control from above.

It was in one of the leaked cables that China's State Council Information office delivered its confident assessment that thanks to "increased controls and surveillance, like real-name registration ... The Web is fundamentally controllable."

The internet's failings as a truly decentralized network, however, merely point the way toward what a decentralized network might actually look like.

Instead of being administrated by central servers, it would operate through computers that pinged one another, instead of corporate-owned server farms, and deliver web pages from anywhere, even our own computers.

The FCC and other governing bodies may attempt to defang the threat of the original internet by ending net neutrality. But if they did, such a new network -- a second, "people's internet" -- would almost certainly rise in its place.

In the meantime, the internet we know, love and occasionally fear today is more of a beta version of modeling platform than a revolutionary force.

And like any new model, it changes the way we think of the way things work right now. What the internet lacks today indicates the possibilities for what can only be understood as a new operating system: a 21st century, decentralized way of conducting political, commercial and human affairs.

This new operating system, even in its current form, is slowly becoming incompatible with the great, highly centralized institutions of the 20th century, such as central banking and nation states, which still depend on top-down control and artificial monopolies on power to maintain their authority over business and governance.

The ease with which PayPal or Visa can cut off the intended recipient of our funds, for example, points the way to peer-to-peer transactions and even currencies that allow for the creation and transmission of value outside the traditional banking system.

The ease with which a senator's phone call can shut down a web site leads network architects to evaluate new methods of information distribution that don't depend on corporate or government domain management for their effectiveness.

Until then, at the very least, the institutions still wielding power over the way our networks work and don't work have to exercise their power under a new constraint: They must do so in the light of day.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Douglas Rushkoff.


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Juz Kiddin' rapping some lyrics at the steering wheel

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Burning Man 2011: Steampunk Octopus

Burning Man footage








Leftfield - Song Of Life

LeftField - Original

Leftfield - Dusted (1999)


Bob Marley Keep On Moving

Björk - Trance

Björk - Synchronicity

Björk - the Dull Flame of Desire (Modeselektor remix)

Radiohead - Idiotheque (Mixed by Modeselektor)

Bad Religion - "Wrong Way Kids"

"Wrong Way Kids" by Bad Religion from the album 'The Dissent Of Man

Juz Kiddin - Live Big (feat. Mesidge & MDK)

Juz Kiddin' - Belgica

Juz Kiddin' - Belgica

Rome from Sublime Keep on Movin' live

Recorded on March 28, 2010 In Sunset Beach Ca, with Rome from Sublime and Duddy B from the Dirty Heads playing a live acoustic set on the canal

Quotes & Notes

These are my finals notes from William G. Gray - Inner Traditions of Magic, really enjoyed this wonderful book ! :)

Like the mathematicians, the magicians are satisfied that the
Nil-Nuclear Source of Energy can be reached on spiritual levels
just as it may be approached on material ones, and the process
is a similar one either way. Instead of working with mathematical
concepts however, the Magical Initiates use Symbolic procedures
and ritualized formulae involving patterned processes of consciousness
among specific individual Soul-arrangements, relating
mutually for this precise purpose. Where the laboratory scientist
co-relates standard pieces of apparatus, and computerized information
to achieve results, the Initiate of the Mysteries sets up
an equivalent pattern among living entities, incarnate or otherwise,
each co-ordinating with the rest in a Cosmic circuit energized
by the Will of every one. This, at least, is the present
position of the Plan.

We need stabilization and cosmation, rather than
Impact from an Entitised-Energy more than likely to push us
past critical mass into the most Soul-destroying explosion ever
known on earth.

Associative Cosmation
Instead of waiting around hopelessly and helplessly for some
Soul-shattering Messiah to come sailing out of the clouds formed
from our wishful thinking, the immediate responsibility of every
awakening entity on earth is to commence associable cosmation
first and foremost in themselves, and then with other suitable
Souls. The worst mistake would be to rush into unstable Group
formations purely for the sake of company. Unless a Group is
able to balance itself on Cosmic principles, it will injure all its
members in the long run.

Everyone is bound to fit in somewhere,
and it is a question of finding a proper place with the proper
people. Should this not be available on earthly levels, individuals
would be well advised to balance themselves as such, and seek
complementation Inwardly

Remaining in unhappy harness with
18—ITOM »
inharmonious Circle companions is more than stupid—it is positively
dangerous to all.

If a really reliable set of Circles can be established among
humans on earth, and if again these can be connected Inwardly
with each other so as to form a circuit capable of dealing with,
and dispensing Energy of a truly Divine nature from Its Source,
then indeed a suitable 'Avatar' may close the contact between
that Source and Circuit through the mediation of their own
Being. On this next occasion, it is most unlikely to be done in any
very public or spectacular way, in the full glare of T.V. lights
and a howling mob of press photographers all set to record the
next miracle.

It may be wondered in that case,
how the rest of humanity would ever know such a Soul had
reached Earth. They would discover this eventually, because
strange things would happen to human nature itself all over the
world rather than in any particular locality. Without quite knowing
why, humans would feel well-disposed to one another, avarice
and greed lose its hold on them, warfare become unthinkable,
and people would discover they wanted each other far more
than things they made to buy and sell. Persons would become
much more valuable than property, and their health and happiness
of greater importance than what they possessed or performed.
Money, social position, and all the things we consider
so vital at present, would cease to mean very much as distinctions.
Our sense of values would most certainly begin to alter
very drastically, its focus shifting noticeably away from material
towards spiritual standards. Altogether, an almost dramatic easing
of tension would be experienced practically all over the world,
and a relaxed, happy, near-holiday atmosphere 'come over'
millions of people.

Not a single Soul must
be compelled or coerced in the slightest way towards the
Mysteries. They must come to the Portals entirely of their own
Inner volition or not at all, and however many or few obtain
admission, each has to pass those Portals by themselves, one at
a time. It is the only Way In.

The Scope of Magic Today
Magic is very much of our time. What else is likely to liberate
us one by one from the confusions that confine our consciousness
amid all the muddles, fears, frustrations, and futilities that attract
our attention almost exclusively earthwards? What is the use of
mankind exporting its commercial travellers to the Moon, Mars,
Venus, or any other point of Outer Space, when we are incapable
of making intelligent contact with our own Inner Space

Oh yes, there is plenty of scope for Magic today, with all the
force of its past Traditions and the highest hopes of its future
promise. It may be a specialized field of action, but there are
many different kinds of specialists needed. If every available
Initiate and Circles of Companions throughout the entire
Mysteries of Light got on steadily and quietly with their particular
specializations in their own spheres of immediate action, we
should all be infinitely better off, and on much sounder spiritual
lines than most people are wavering along at present.

The first is this. Whoever
sits supinely awaiting some wonderful Angel or Great
Master to lead him Lightward, will wait until he learns more
sense. He will not receive any spectacular revelations, or Calls
from On High, or any indications of a supernatural summons.
The initial impetus must come from Within him, of his own
True Will.

No Temple on Earth
can possibly be greater than the Temple of Truth which exists
in each living Soul.

Hidden Keys are not revealed, they have
to be found by Souls with enough initiative to seek them. Clues
may be offered in profusion, and a traditional place to conceal
some vital piece of information is often the last one suspected—
on the seeker's own back, so that a double reflection is necessary
for its discovery. This allegory is well worth investigating.

At the dawn of our history on earth, we found ourselves in a
world full of fears and hostilities against which we had to fight
by Magic and faith while our slowly developing consciousness
learned to cope with external adversities.

It looks
more of a Leaden, than a Golden Dawn ahead of us in the New
Age of Mankind, during which we are supposed to evolve into
semi-spiritualized beings, capable of conscious living in more
than one state of Dimensions.

Just as we had to use a type of Magic in early Earth-times
which has brought us to the present in a variety of ways, so
must we still use Magic at this beginning of our Heavenly history,
in the hope that it will take us to the ending of the tale in
Eternal Light.

For Mankind to outgrow Magic is unthinkable. It is a permanent
part of our basic being.

A component to be
processed according to requirement, serviced as necessary, and
eliminated in an economical manner. Centuries ago, these living
beings were called plainly slaves, and they realized quite well
who they belonged to. Their one hope was to 'buy themselves
out'. Nowadays, their descendants must not be called slaves any
longer, nor must they realize their owners, or perhaps that they
are owned by anyone at all. They are supposed to be creditworthy
members of the most classified 'classless society' this
Earth has ever raised on its surface, and their only hope of fulfilling
themselves apart from 'opting out' into ignominious exile,
is to sequester sufficient funds to purchase independence from
compulsory circles of consciousness.

Souls setting up their Spiritual standards in order to
assert their Inner Identity and Cosmate with each other A S T H E Y
W I L L , are utterly unwanted by Earth-established authorities, and
are therefore carefully discouraged. Those intrepid individualists
who pass beyond a certain danger point may be bought off,
bumped off, or somehow circumvented if they are likely to interfere
with the intentions of the 'mass-manipulators'.

The more private they are with this vital process,
the better for their chances of success. Verb. sap.

In the Holy Mysteries of Light, all individual Souls are of
paramount importance as such, each being regarded as a free
and responsible agent of Divine Energy, bound to their chosen
Patterns of Perfection by nothing but their True Wills together.
Not only is individualization encouraged, but until a Soul becomes
sufficiently individualized to assert its Inner Identity in an
independent Light, (or be 'born again') it cannot properly enter
the 'Kingdom of Heaven', or 'come into its own' as T H A T I T
W I L L E D . This is the real meaning of Magic.

The practice of Magic in the twentieth century and probably
more so in the twenty first, is especially for those human Souls
who are 'coming of age' sufficiently to seek their own Spiritual
heritage of independence in the Kingdom of Light which no
'Darkness covering the face of the Earth' can ever extinguish.
Souls Willing to work and fight if necessary for true Inner Freedom
in Spheres of Spirit where they may BE W H A T T H E Y W I L L ,
because they W I L L W H A T IS B E S T TO BE.

Which Path will be ours?
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