Nightmares On Wax - Date With Destiny

mind of elevation is gonna be a favorite album 4 a while now ) cheers !

Dub FX, CAde, Pete Philly & Mr. Woodnote 'Supernova Pilot'

Mozez feat. Nightmares On Wax - Fuzz

Mozez - Venus Rise

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Latest tracks by DJDREW

Dj Drew es residente en uno de los mejores Club de la isla, Blanco Bar, en lo que se ha convertido en uno de los referentes del ocio nocturno en las ya tan conocidas fiestas “Black&Blanco”, donde hace un repaso a todos los Hits de ayer y de hoy mezclados con funky,soul,r&b,hip-hop,house,rock,reggae bajo un sonido mas BLACK y en un ambiente Inmejorable

Nightmares On Wax - Riders On The Storm - Remix

Bless My Soul / Nightmares on Wax

Nightmares on Wax - 195Lbs

Listen Clothing

Juan Rios (of Seedless) – Never Leave Me Alone

Here is a video of Juan Rios of the band Seedless paying homage to the late Nate Dogg performing an acoustic version of Never Leave Me Alone at 17th Street Recording Studios in Costa Mesa, CA.

Wake Up | PEPPER

This video originally started as the making of video to an art piece by TEKSTartist, is now the music video for Wake Up, the hit song from Pepper's latest release 'Stitches'.

For more information about PEPPER visit

Sublime - Doin' Time

Prince Polo - Witness Protector

MP3 Leak of the Week: Prince Polo

New York dub and reggae music has been on the move this past week, as the Dub Invasion festival has left downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn swamped in a haze awash with reverb and cavernous echo. So this week, we’re releasing for your listening pleasure a new track by Brooklyn-based dub maestro, Prince Polo. Stop by each Sunday for a new MP3 Leak of the Week, that runs from Sunday to Saturday on the home page for FREE download

Polo will be releasing his latest album, Brooklyn Bodega within a month or so, but not before giving The Pier the track “Witness Protection”, which is Polo’s smoky dub take on “Speak Softly Love,” better known as the theme from Francis Ford Coppola’s mob classic “The Godfather.”

You can download the song Witness Protection for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday Sept 17th

Polo had this to say about the track’s development,
“I’d always wanted to do a reggae version of “Speak Softly Love,” The Godfather theme. Ken Boothe had recorded an amazing version of the translated Sicilian folk version, but I thought it deserved a dub tribute as well. So when my friend Borham Lee from Break Science was in town for a little while, I told him to roll into the studio. The Polish Armada had built the Riddim and Bo just LACED IT with the Melodica! And when our rub-a-dub deejay Daddy Marshall showed up and heard it, he was like “I got this, lets do it,” no hesitation, and it all just came together…”
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Double Identity

memes - Double Identity
see more Memebase and check out our Troll Face lols!

Channel 4 Comedy Gala 2010 - Kevin Bishop & Derren Brown

Channel 4 Comedy Gala 2010 - Kevin Bishop & Derren Brown

Derren Brown Turns Invisible

Doug Stanhope on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast 25-8-2011

The Weezer Cruise Opening Credits
The crew of the Weezer Cruise welcomes you aboard!

Muse - New Born

The Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path


If any 'thought system' cannot present a clear and definite
Pattern of its whole structure to an enquirer, it is best left alone,
for it is unlikely to have anything worth finding in it.

All that any Mystery-Group does is to work
out means and methods of dealing with whatever System they
follow, and offer companionship

No genuine aspirant however, need
feel deprived because no Mystery Lodge exists around the corner
clamouring for new membership.

Seek, ask, knock—in that order

The Cosmic Diagram

moving simultaneously towards head and feet from our Central
Spiritual Seed within us, the axis of rotation is made between
an accepted Infinity of Divine Intelligence above us, and an
Infinity of Human Innocence (or Ignorance) below us.

The objective should be to 'become
an idea of Air' rather than visualize ourselves doing anything
particular with it. All sorts of associative ideas will immediately
present themselves for use. Air is atmosphere, lightness, life,
freshness, uplift, exhilaration, freedom, and the like. Only the
best possible ideas should be chosen. Unpleasant suggestions such
as evil smells, hurricanes, etc., must be firmly rejected at the
commencement if we are to create a Cosmos worth living in.
Nothing but the finest and purest qualities that can be imagined
into an 'Air-Concept' are fit to incorporate into our Inner

When some success at Air is met
with, we mentally turn to the Fire Quarter of the South, and
invoke its Element.

The Fire-Concept
Here, Fire is thought of as Light, Illumination, clarity of consciousness,
equable temperature, Inner vision, the Divine Spark
shining, Heavenly Radiance, and so forth. Let the pure Inner
Element be as perfect as possible, free from all the fears it suggests
to us as mortals. Again we must work until an experience
of radiance, clarity, or suchlike is actually undergone: inside ourselves.
Then, going West, we encounter Water.
The Water-Concept
'Inner Water' is not wet, cold, or anything that might be
unwelcome. It is flowing, friendly, protective, sustaining, amenable,
powerful, rhythmic, and anything else of a beneficent associative
nature. When we have sufficiently 'waterized ourselves' to
obtain a definite experience, we may turn to the North for the
last Element of Earth.
The Earth-Concept
Here we meet with objectivity, solidity, gravity, weight, fertility,
mass, incarnation, definition and so forth. When we feel
properly 'Earthed', we should come back to the Centre again,
and from there contemplate the Cosmos around us as a dynamic
construction driven by its own Elements. As a crudely effective
analogy, we may think of a mythical perpetual motion machine
wherein A i r blows Fire, which boils Water, which dissolves Earth
which becomes Air and so on and so on

stop quote pg158

or the rightly resonated AMEN.

For example, in the creation of a life-form from raw consciousness,
its respiratory system would derive from 'Air', its natural
heat and associative functions from 'Fire', its fluidity from
'Water', and its solid portions from 'Earth'. All kinds of materials
and artifacts have elemental linkages, and abstractions such as
circumstances, environments, emotional states, etc., may be traced
to their elemental sources. Human temperaments are easily
aligned with elemental equivalents. When we have learned how
to handle with any degree of skill the very Elements of our Awareness
themselves, the best beginning to the remainder of Magical
Arts will have been made,

Every Initiate is responsible for discovering the Inner values and
applications of these Symbols by meditation and experience.
They can be applied in the most surprising ways, and the only
possibility of finding these is by personal investigation.

Why so many people without ability, experience, or aptitude
for ritual performance or procedures, seem to think that all they
have to do is recite a few lines in the worst possible way and
miracles will occur, remains the greatest mystery among the
Mysteries. Nothing but the amazing vagaries of human vanity
can possibly account for it.

Salvador Santana feat GZA – “Keyboard City” Dan Deacon Remix

Salvador Santana - "Mi Tesoro"

Knights of Badassdom Trailer

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that is being released online on 11.11.11 at

THRIVE lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future

Park Jam - Long Beach (Warchurch)

Another beautiful day in da park!!!!
This a One Love Community !!!!
Collective I presents Park Jam.
Calafia Zulus, Listen Clothing, Channel Rock, Big Time Tune Sound, Jah Fellowship Family, Fully Equipped, Channel Rock, One Imagination, Lovers Inc, OCT22, Warpnt and more !!!!!

Studio Brussel: De Afrekening Live - Superlijm 'Michael Jordan'


these guys also made a good cover of tupac , woot!

Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles"

tnx joerie

The world as you know it is a hologram of sound

tnx relaxedfocus

The Sync Book

26 bloggers/writers/artists share their experiences and perspectives on the strange and beautiful universe in which we live.

Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg - Young, Wild & Free

The Buddhist Way

5 pearls of wisdom

Jake Shimabukuro plays "Bohemian Rhapsody"

A trick of the mind

Looking for patterns in life and then infusing them with meaning, from alien intervention to federal conspiracy.

The Believing Brain

Superstitions arise as the result of the spurious identification of patterns. Even pigeons are superstitious. In an experiment where food is delivered randomly, pigeons will note what they were doing when the pellet arrived, such as twirling to the left and then pecking a button, and perform the maneuver over and over until the next pellet arrives. A pigeon rain dance. The behavior is not much different than in the case of a baseball player who forgets to shave one morning, hits a home run a few hours later and then makes it a policy never to shave on game days.

Beliefs come first; reasons second. That's the insightful message of The Believing Brain, by Michael Shermer, the founder of Skeptic magazine. In the book, he brilliantly lays out what modern cognitive research has to tell us about his subject—namely, that our brains are "belief engines" that naturally "look for and find patterns" and then infuse them with meaning. These meaningful patterns form beliefs that shape our understanding of reality. Our brains tend to seek out information that confirms our beliefs, ignoring information that contradicts them. Mr. Shermer calls this "belief-dependent reality." The well-worn phrase "seeing is believing" has it backward: Our believing dictates what we're seeing.

read the full article over here

A Trick of the Mind


Dear Rosemary - Foo Fighters

Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob Remix)

Ostend Powers - deadstop

Made by Sam Van Olmen and Ostend Powers.

Thanks to TAZ, Twilight, OHK, Hotel Bero, Nightshop Pri & all the people involved in making this.

Special thanks to Sharpy, Luc and Frank.

For more info on Ostend Powers, check


Wu tang and Jimi Hendrix

Humility, by Gab Gotcha by RZAWU

Moon to have no-fly zones by month end


No-fly zones will come into effect on the moon for the very first time by the end of this month! Why, even buffer zones that spacecraft may have to avoid will come into existence. The reason: avoiding any spraying of rocket exhaust or dust onto certain historical sites and artefacts on the moon.

The historical sites are of course the Apollo landing sites and artefacts present on the moon. And the “recommendations” are for preserving and protecting these historical sites. There are currently more than three dozen historical sites that preserve the more than four-decade-old remains.

“Apollo 11 and 17 sites [will] remain off-limits, with ground-travel buffers of 75 metres and 225 metres from each respective lunar lander,” states the July 20 guidelines of NASA. Science journal had obtained the guidelines.

No legal binding

According to Science, by the end of this month NASA is expected to come up with a set of “recommendations” for spacecraft and astronauts visiting the “U.S. government property on the moon.” Of course, these recommendations will not be legally binding as the 1967 Outer Space Treaty makes it clear that the lunar surface has no owner.

Despite the lack of ownership, NASA is hopeful that other countries will respect the U.S. sentiments. Incidentally, the restriction list contains more than the historical sites. For instance, the list includes studying discarded food and abandoned astronaut faeces.

Study of bacteria

Though these restrictions may appear preposterous, there are clear scientific compulsions to collect and study them. For example, studying the discarded food will reveal the viability of bacteria on the moon and, if present, how they have mutated and survived after years of exposure to solar radiation.

It is worthwhile to remember that all scientific experiments conducted on board during space travel are of a few days duration and pale in comparison with decades of constant exposure to several stressful lunar conditions/environment.

Similarly, there are other scientific compulsions to study the artefacts left behind on the moon. For instance, any metallic objects would reveal how these materials have degraded after prolonged exposure to solar radiation and other peculiar conditions prevailing on the moon.

What prompted the space agency to act was the Google Lunar X prize for those landing a robot that moves 500 metres and sends images from the moon. Precise landing near the Apollo sites would get them more money.

Very recently, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured the sharpest images ever taken from space of the Apollo 12, 14 and 17 landing sites. The paths made when the astronauts explored the lunar surface have been very clearly captured by the images.

According to NASA, at the Apollo 17 site, the tracks laid down by the lunar rover are clearly visible, along with the last foot trails left on the Moon. The images also show where the astronauts placed some of the scientific instruments that provided the first insights into the Moon's environment and interior.

Salvador Santana - Keyboard City - Under The Sun

I see so many faces
Up on the internet
Some like to keep in touch
And Some I never met

I been so many places
And no I can't forget
Where I come from
Frisco Mindset

I love life like
The way it should be
The way it's always been
I wish you would see

Love life like
Its goin' non-stop
The way it used to be
Its all worth while

And everything is so beautiful
Say with me its illusional
Love is all we need after all
Everything is so beautiful
Under the Sun
Under the Sun
Under the Sun
Under the Sun

>Instrumental Break<

I had a conversation
Just the other day
Made me think a little
On what I want to say

Having motivation
All the dedication
The real Situation
We're here for celebration

Love life like
The way we used to
Way it's always been
When we follow through

Love life like
The way we want to
Way it's always been
There's still enough of you


Under the Sun
Under the Sun
Under the Sun
Under the Sun

Salavador Santana,


General categories
of humans are more or less mass-guided by what are sometimes
called 'Group-Angels', or Intelligences associated with racial and
ethnical or religious circles of humanity

Just as a
Nation is recognized by its Emblem or Flag, so are spiritual
Systems recognized by their Symbols.

Qabalists for example formulate the Tree of Life in a variety
of ways, and most Mysteries use the basic Circled Cross. Such
Symbols sent into spiritual dimensions via the consciousness of
the Initiate will automatically attract the attention of 'Masters'
concerned with what they represent

Initiates of the Mysteries differ from 'spirit-seekers' in several
important ways. They are discriminative, selective, and deliberate
in making their Inner contacts from levels of living consciousness
at the precise spiritual state to which they direct their True
Magical Wills. Furthermore, those levels are somewhat closer
to Inner Reality than the more easily reached ones most immediately
behind physical manifestation

If anyone considers the efforts worth
while, and is prepared to devote himself whole-heartedly to the
work, he will indeed come into eventual consciousness contact
with the Powers behind the patterns they project towards Inner

It is highly unlikely for instance, that contacts of consciousness
made on deep Inner levels will take the form of materialized or
vividly imagined personages in superhuman guise issuing mandates
and messages of momentous import. Any such happenings
should be highly suspect. We must remember that Inner Aware^-
ness inverses polarity with Outer, and therefore the order of
consciousness is diametrically opposed between the Dimensions
of Life.

Anyone thinking that Magic or other Rites will promptly
produce Appearances or the like psychical phenomena for their
entertainment or edification is doomed to sad disappointment
from the start.

A really practical Magician does not worry about the existence
or non-existence of Otherworld Beings, nor waste time
speculating on their natures, possibilities, and idiosyncrasies. He
goes ahead and creates his own concepts of whatever Beings he
would believe in if there were any. Those will eventually put him
in touch with the actualities of consciousness they stand for. It
is as simple as that

To believe in the impossible until it becomes improbable
is the first step from Zero to One

is not our recent so-called scientific discoveries which have led
us towards enlightenment, but our original fantasies and exercises
in exploring the Universe of our Unconsciousness. Without
the second we should not arrive at our present position of making
the first.

Man the materialist says : 'I will not believe in anything
until I have fully experienced evidence of its existence in
relation to myself and other humans.' Man the Magician says:
T will believe in the Nothing out of which anything may come
into contact with me according to the Will that in me Is.' There
is an infinity of difference between the two viewpoints, and as
usual, the Initiate of Light seeks the Median Way.

A Sun and its Twelve Signs. No properly cosmated group
of Initiates should exceed this maximum. If, indeed, this figure
should be reached, then the Group ought to be considered as a
whole Unit ready for cosmation among much higher circles than
human ones. In such a case, one member of the Circle at least
would be responsible for commencing another new Circle elsewhere,
and so Cosmos continues

Officers of the Circle
The axial Officers of the Circle are designated by the Quarters
East, South, West, and North, as at a card table. There is no
rank, but only office and function

SINIZEN - Shine So Free

Featuring Tim Wu of Long Beach Dub All Stars on Saxophone


Shine so Free

Yes you know she was a firework
strugglin' through this life on earth
you got to give it up to her, cause its so hard now

Pain is not within the grasp,
Take a look and take it off your lap
the world is yours, so fire away
Its your only time, your only time

Are you Ready to shine so Free?
Are we steady? Don't lie to me

because i'll never live the 9-5 life again
never have to take another demand from the man
My baby just told me she gotta let me go
I let the beat drop and let the bass line roll
cause i pity the fool who thinks we wont take it to the top
i heard it all before from Mr. Blah Blah Blah
free as a bird, know i come correct
catch me at the club and Im bumpin dubstep

love is what can fix the world
there's never hate inside this girl
she loved me till the bitter end
it'll be alright

Put a rest to her haunted past
2 steps forward, now she's on the path
the world is hers, so fire away
Its your only time

yes you know she was a firework
conquering this entire earth
she loved me till the bitter end
it'll be alright

Inimical + Harmony by SEEDLESS

Seedless's song INIMICAL off of the their debut EP "Lost in Kali."
You can check out their website @



+ energy

Fortunate Youth - Bastard

+acoustic push

BUY THE ALBUM HERE: - Irie State of Mind

The Animated Avadhuta

Salutations to consciousness from consciousness.

Here is an Unmoving travel through dimensions of perception. The elements of language are segments of the mind; can they be the structure of the world? On the fractal fresco of phenomena, the variety of all the symbols of oneness sprout and come to life.

The artwork's basis is one 20 foot long hand drawing that took one year completing. Its backbone is the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are spread like seeds of meaning among the infinite canvas of random facts. Living beings are linked by secret strands of DNA. This Drawing of Babel, that some call the Universe, is called different names, like God itself: the Psychotorah, The ABC of the Absolute, Noah's Archetype...
The movie shows one possible wandering through its maze.

The text is an ancient sanskrit advaita vedanta wisdom, which has been almost unknown even in India for centuries. Its title means: the song of the naked one, the sage that got rid of ideas and identification and sings out of bliss.

Mooji is a contemporary spiritual teacher who has a large number of videos available on youtube, bringing to life this ancient wisdom with stunning clarity.

It is like an act of love defying time to merge After Effects and Devanagari, the latest technology and the earliest recorded outbursts of insight into the depths of reality. This is as far as words may come to give a hint of the absolute...

The musicians are my music teachers, having a very high level in Hindustani music and an inner understanding of it.

Text by Sri Dattatreya
Translation by Swami Abhayananda
Reading by Mooji
Animation by Zottomerk
Artwork, Recording & Audio Mix by Nataraaj (Ultimaya)
Vocals by Shree Mariko, disciple of Pt Ritwik Sanyal
Flute by Suryaneel Lauth, disciple of Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia

This video is a creative attempt to synthesize the manifold patterns of mankind to the unified vision of emptiness as our real nature.

Evidence - You (prod. DJ Premier)

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Album drops 9/27!

Director/DP/Editor: Todd Angkasuwan
Producer: Todd Angkasuwan
Steadicam Op: Joseph Puma
PA: Richie Rivera

Tupac & Scarface - Smile

Shinobi Ninja Rocks Boyz II Men

Isusko and Sbrv - No te la mereces

Tengo un marco sin tu foto puesto en mi estantería,
para recordar que te olvidé y que nunca serás mía,
por abrirte el corazón sin cirugía, con mi boli,
un vulgar instrumento que te convierte en poesía.
El toca con palabras que hablan, tocando y juega
con la esperanza puesta en algo que no llega,
nunca quise ser como dos ojos y condenados,
a estar en la misma cara y no poder tocarnos.
Sigo mirándome al espejo, vomitando en el lavabo, ciego,
y por el odio que me convirtió en esclavo de mi mismo,
encerrado dentro de una cabeza,
que a veces llora de risa y nunca ríe de tristeza.
Por ser tan parecidos y a la vez tan diferentes,
tu quieres tenerlo todo y para mi nada es suficiente,
si vieras con mis ojos, si tocaras con mis manos,
sabrías lo que sienten si besaras con mis labios.
Es puramente físico, sexual cuando recorro
con las manos el mapa de tu cuerpo, cada punto cardinal,
es tanto el placer que nos prestamos tan detenidamente,
ser piezas de Tente, encajamos perfectamente.
Te éxito con la mente en un lenguaje sin palabras,
escrito y adornado con un grito incontrolable de pasión,
solo estamos tu y yo solos aislados en una habitación,
y aunque sea por un instante no cabe nadie más en tu corazón.
Incapaz de decirme para, serías capaz de dejarlo todo
porque la luz del día no acabara, aquel encuentro,
el mundo esta allá afuera pero el tuyo aquí adentro,
pudo parecer judo, nuestros cuerpos juntos desnudos.
Siente el escalofrío, sin paradas ni desvíos,
allá donde termina tu cuerpo y empieza el mío,
escapa de la razón, no lo discuto, corazón latiendo en bruto,
a no sé cuantos cientos de pulsaciones por minuto.
¿Qué coño esperas de mi?, ya verás,
las cosas llegaran cuando ya no las quieras, siempre es así,
dices que lo nuestro fue un error,
yo a veces te haría una canción pero no te la mereces.

[Estribillo]: (x2)
Dedicado a los que escriben por rellenar una ausencia,
pueden medir los actos pero no las consecuencias,
chica, vete por donde has venido, quieta donde estas
daría mis ojos con tal de verte una vez más.

Downset - Wreck It


h e Circle of Zero, as it were, defining
the Nil from whence emerges All. To an outside observer ignorant
of the process, few things might seem more ridiculous than
an adult person making rings round themselves and attaching
mental labels at the intersections like some childish game. In fact,
however, the principles behind the practice are as sound and
scientific on spiritual levels as any form of designing on physical
ones. To 'set up a Circle' properly is a highly skilled affair, and
no mere mumbo jumbo at all. If we consider what is happening
from an Inner observation point, this will soon become evident.
To construct a Magic Circle is to create Inner Cosmos according
to Intention. Although imagination is the method used for
the construction, the forces which focus through it are very real
energies of consciousness deriving from sources other than the
operative arranger of their symbolic forms. Naturally the individual
ability of the operator is a decisive factor, upon which
the efficacious degree of any circle depends. Circles do not put
themselves together without a directing will, whether they are
Cosmic creations of a Divinity, or the personal cosmoi of human
beings, both of which a genuine Magic Circle should intersect.
We live in circles of all descriptions. Family, social, political,
economic, religious, and every kind of circle imaginable. We may
be born into them, coerced into them, or enter them for any
reason whatever. Why should a Magic Circle be any different
in principle? The answer is because while other circles are so
to speak 'ready-made', a true Magic Circle has to be set up by
individual Initiates themselves of their own will in relation to
their contact-points with what might be termed the spiritual
world around them. No one can make a Magic Circle for anybody
else, though we may all be included in those belonging to
others. Until Initiates are capable of creating the circles of
Cosmos around themselves, they will not be admitted into the
wider circles of Inner Reality that exist beyond the usual limits
of human awareness. Nor will the substitute of a mere 'dreamworld'
as an escape-sphere from disliked external conditions Be
acceptable to the Inner Guardians. Such is not a Magic Circle,
but a refusal to realize the responsibilities of an awakening soul.
An authentic Magic Circle is the strange anomaly of being a
construction of imagination designed to relate both Inner and
Outer realities together through the symbolically channelled consciousness
of its maker. When properly formed, it will do exactly

In those circles of space and time, events happen. In sensing
the significance of events we exercise our souls. There we have
the Three Rings of Cosmos, a representation of which is made by
every correct Magic Circle. Literally we are being born again
into new dimensions of Inner being, and have to go through
another type of orientation and adjustment on those levels. They
too have Time-Space-Event equivalents to those of mundane life,
though very differently indeed from our limited edition of existence
on this planet.

The Triple Magical Circle of Cosmos
The seven co-ordinating points of the Triple Magical Circle of
Cosmos are Heaven, Earth, the Four Quarters, and the Centre.
Otherwise, Divinity, Humanity, the four Archangels, and the

Though they have Inner
reality by themselves, Initiates are responsible for building up
their T I s at the quarters of their personal circles, because it is
through those TIs that Archangels interact consciously with
Initiates, and the Initiates in turn participate fractionally of the
powers inherent in those incredible energies
The Names and attributes of the Rulers of Quarters vary
according to the Mystery System, but for Western workers there
seems little doubt that the most practical Concepts are those
of the four Archangels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Auriel.
Just how well or otherwise are Initiates able to mediate the
energies they contact through their Circles, depends on the degree
to which they have worked therein, and this again ties back with
the basis on which that Circle is constructed. The Archangels of
the Quarters being our basis in this instance, let us meet them
in person, commencing from the East according to the Way of

Raphael ('Healer of God') typifies the youthful enthusiasm
and 'go-aheadness' we need to make progress on our Pathways.
He is the rising of the Inner Light in mankind, and heals the
hurts we encounter both from circumstances and each other in
our eagerness to follow where he leads us. (Though Angels are
referred to as 'he' or 'she', it must be remembered they are nonreproductive
and therefore sexless to us, and may be dealt with
from either polarity.) Raphael personifies our natural curiosity
and desire to know all about everything. To some extent he
equates with Hermes as leader of souls and instructor of minds.
His Key-Symbol is the Sword and Arrow ('Keen as a Sword,
swift as an Arrow to its mark'). His Element is Air as signifying
Life, and of course he is a winged being to indicate Aspiration
and Faith. Like Hermes, Raphael is patron of travel and most
enterprises of adventure in human activities such as commerce,
inventions, theatricals, and the like. As a healer of hurts he bears
a golden vial of balm, which is not to be interpreted in the sense
of gold being sufficient payment for any hurt. It may, however,
be taken to mean that compensation for whatever injuries we
sustain in our spiritual struggles will eventually come to us one
way or another. If this reaches us via Raphael, it is likely to be
in the nature of new opportunities or abilities to overcome old
Raphael is usually visualized as a young being with brown
hair and grey eyes, lively voice and engaging disposition. His
colours are associated with Springtime and the dawn, pale blues,
delicate greens, etc. His robes are of these tints in the traditional
angelic pattern, and his girdle is deep blue. It is technically
possible to visualize the Archangels in modern dress of any description,
but this would be a bad aesthetic and magical error.
They should be seen as timelessly as is practicable, linked by the
natural colours of the Solar cycles and seasons in combination
with the elements, so that we associate them with the creative
energies around and within us.

In the South, Michael ('the Godlike') stands in full mid-day
splendour, a familiar figure in armour, commonly pictured as
spearing a symbolically evil monster. He shows the power of
Light over Darkness, and is figured as being at the Right Hand
of God. This in fact is his position at his Quarter of the Magical
Circle to an East-facing Initiate. He is the Right Hand Angel
who tells us what we ought to do, while his colleague on our left
(Auriel) warns us what not to do. Michael appointed himself
as mediator of Mankind before the Throne of God, and promised
to stand by even the worst mortal as long as they had the slightest
good in them. He is thus the Champion of Cosmos over Chaos,
and definitely a Solar Angel. Occasionally he is shown on horseback,
the horse being a Sun creature, and Apollo in the Sunchariot
equates with an equestrian Michael
He typifies our inherent
longing to be 'Right' in every way, and if we ever achieve any
degree of such an objective, it will be with his help. Michael's
Key-Symbol is the Rod, or spear-staff, his period full noon, and
his Season Summer. For that reason he is visualized with golden
hair, brilliant blue eyes, a commanding voice, and a wholly
admirable nature. The kind of superior officer whose orders
would be obeyed without question, and in whom may be placed
entire confidence. Michael is indeed the Grand Master of the
Mysteries of Light.
Fire is Michael's Element, and as might be expected, his
colours align with Summer and Noon, being deep greens, vivid
blues, bright yellows and the red of roses. His girdle or belt is
golden-yellow, and there should be a Solar Symbol on his brazen
breastplate. Usually his armour is quasi-Roman in type, with a
kilt, but he may well be thought of sometimes in off-duty uniform.
He is patron of sports, athletics, and open-air pursuits, and
in his capacity of Judge of Souls, hopes for high standards of
performance within the principles of fair play from humans.

At the Western Point, Archangel Gabriel (Javriel the 'Potency
of God') rules. He is the Fertility-figure, the Lord of Resurrection
who triumphs over Death by the Potency of Love. He personifies
Compassion and feeling, tenderness and strength combined.
His Key-Symbol is the C u p or Horn with all its significance, and
he is visualized with chestnut hair, amber eyes, a friendly and
sympathetic voice, together with a completely congenial disposition.
He typifies our great need of loving and being loved, desire
of conviviality, and our deepest necessity for true spiritual sustenance,
without which we might as well not live at all.
Since Gabriel is at Sunset-Autumn position, his colours match
up accordingly. Reds, russet-yellows, and similar hues. His girdle
is red. His concern is with the kinder side of humanity, and he is
represented as a mature being connected with our more peaceful
pursuits, consolidation of gains, and enjoyment of existence. He
directs our attention to the moral as distinct from the intellectual
side of the Mysteries, and presides over the companionship that
should prevail in every Circle.
His Element being Water, Gabriel is a pervasive Angel, cooling
hot-headedness, soothing irritations, and generally dissolving
most difficulties capable of solution by such means. The tears of
Gabriel wash away the sorrows of our world, because they are
tears of sympathetic and understanding love. It is Gabriel who
provides confidence to face death in no particularly brave or
heroic manner, but quietly and normally as part of our Eternal
Existence. Gabriel convinces us that Love is immortal, and as
products of it—so are we. However many times our flesh bodies
die and are dissolved in the Ocean of Life, our souls will be
safe in Gabriel's keeping while they continue along the unseen
edge of the Cosmic Circle to re-emerge into material manifestation
again until we are sufficiently developed as individuals to
exist otherwise. The C u p of Gabriel is also the Cauldron of regeneration.
Lastly, at the Northern Station, Archangel Auriel ('Light of
God') presides. Unless properly understood, he might seem rather
a dark Angel indeed. His robes are sombre, being aligned with
Winter and Midnight. Blacks, dark browns, greys, though lightened
by the sparkle of frost and the shining of stars in brilliant
moonlight. He is represented as a kindly Elder with greying
black hair and beard, dark eyes, and a deep deliberate voice. His
girdle is black, but relieved with silver. His Key-Symbol is the
Shield and Mirror, and his Element is Earth.
Auriel is very much an Angel of Light. He is the Light shining
in Darkness, that, the Darkness did not understand and could
not extinguish. Consciousness in Unconsciousness, Knowledge in
Ignorance, Being in Unbeing. He is the Light of Experience and
Wisdom, shining brightly in the Dark Womb of the Eternal
Mother. He typifies the Seed of Light that manifests in us as
living beings, and which we bear from life to life that it may
grow ever brighter until it becomes an Inner Sun of its own
System, and we become Solar Logoi in our turn.
Auriel is associated with all the tolerance, wisdom, and development
that should come with sheer experience of life and death
until a soul grows enough to take such matters in its spiritual
stride and seek better forms of being. He rightly belongs to Earth,
because when we live on Earth as we should in Heaven, our
object as humans will be attained, and both Heaven and Earth
will 'pass away'. An unlikely event in our predictable future, but
attainable in individual instances. Humanity will never achieve
'salvation' en masse, but only in single file through the narrow
Gates leading to Light. Correct Pillar passage in any Temple
should be for one person only.
The Magic Mirror of Auriel reflects us to ourselves, showing
up our mistakes, and picturing whatever we should learn. Occasionally
Auriel is shown with a Book of Wisdom instead of the
Shield. His Shield however, is supposed to protect us from
adversity by cushioning our consciousness against shocks and
blows, or sparing us from knowing what would hurt us needlessly
because we had no means of dealing with it. Auriel is a
kind Angel, who attempts to enlighten the Children of Light, but
sees no advantage in allowing them to suffer senselessly. It is he
that tries to stop us making the same mistakes over and over
again. Altogether, Auriel is the Light of Law and Learning,
without which we shall never grow up in Spirit.

The more they are thought about
and worked with, the more real and meaningful they will become.
It is a matter of constructing their T I s from all the 'spare
parts' provided by the checklist. As they are assembled, a great
many other details will fill themselves in and drop into place. It
will be discovered for instance, that if their girdles were tied
together in a circle, it would form a Circle of Light spectromatically,
with red at the bottom end, yellow in the middle,
blue at the top, and silver-black connecting through the invisible
bands. Apart from the Seasons, the Archangels are recognizable
as the Ages of Mankind, and about everything else divisible into
four. The normal Magical relationship to them as a team is
facing East, but of course all Quarters are faced individually for
various reasons. The basis of East-facing is much older than
Christianity. In Hebrew the Quarters are definitely indicated by
the words:
Right, or South.
Front, or East.
Left, or North.
Behind, or West.
In the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, the Quarters were aligned
with Osiris and Ra on the North-South axis, and Nepthys—Isis
on the East-West median. This was supposed to be a closely
guarded secret, and the text runs: 'Let no outsider know this.
Do it not in the presence of anyone save thy father or son or
alone with the Gods, for it is a Great Mystery known not to

There are
no definite Quarter-Concept personifications, since the Christian
Mysteries are based on Triadism like those of the Druids.

Correct relationships with the Energies of Life and Existence
are of paramount importance to us all. Divinity is more than an
idea in anyone's mind. It is the Difference between our Being
and Non-Being

It is Who, What,
Why, Where, When, and How we ARE. Our Eternal i AM. Those
who cannot see the importance of relating themselves reasonably
with an Energy so vital to their own actuality are obviously 'lost
to Light', because they are utterly blind.

Initiates of the Mysteries are well aware that the 'Gods and
Demons' they work with via their Circles are what might be
called 'Inner Art Forms' energized by actual Forces derived from
and directed by what Jung calls the 'Collective Consciousness',
which of course includes their own. To some extent, this is not
unlike painting a picture or writing a story, and then having the
characters come to life of their own volition like Pygmalion's
statue, though scarcely for the same reason

Once, this barrier was called the 'Dweller on the
Threshold', which consists of whatever in ourselves refuses admission
to the Inner Adytum of Spirit for that part of us which
seeks evolvement away from our purely earthly projections. Each
must deal with their particular 'Dweller' in their own way, for
every one is peculiar to the individual concerned. The struggle
with the 'Dweller' is always a solitary one, and usually a most
distressing experience, since it amounts to practically civil war
in a divided self.

When we learn how to deal with the worst of ourselves both
individually and collectively without the insanity of destructive
warfare, we shall have overcome our 'devils', and 'Dwellers' in
the most valuable way

The wise Initiate does not waste useful
energy in combat with his 'Dweller', but converts this entity into
a 'Doorkeeper', an office which changes a predator into a protector
They are to
be 'redeemed.' or re-directed, not destroyed and extirpated

Few pastimes are more futile or productive of wasted human
energies than our age-old attempts to demonstrate or deny the
Existence of God and other states of Conscious Being other than
our own. Wise Initiates do not enter this controversy between
other investigators of imponderables, but concern themselves with
the more important Magnum Opus of constructing their own
Cosmos from what might be termed 'crude consciousness'.
They do this because they know that only from and through
such a creation of theirs will they ever reach and realize the
actualities about which those outside the Circle are likely to
argue and quarrel for ever more

The most that
human money will buy is admission to expensively equipped
private theatre-clubs disguised as Temples or other places of
occult entertainment.
Real Mystery Temples are not 'made with hands', even though
it may be pleasant and practical to make use of their symbolic
counterparts in material form. All Initiates must build their own
Temple for both work and worship, making it from their minds,
hearts, and souls, acting by the Spirit of the Indwelling One in
Whose Name the Temple is being built. All the money in the
world would buy no more than a few art-representations suggesting
designs for such Temples, and those need cost no more
than the necessary visits to any average public library. No soul
of the right determination and ingenuity is ever denied access
to the Mysteries. In fact such is the actual 'admission fee'.

What is more, such Schools and their attached
Teachers must be of the right kind, aligned with the Initiates
most direct Light-line between themselves and their highest aims.
Not all Circles are dedicated to what we call 'Good', nor are
the 'Good' ones all suitable for any kind of Initiate To each,
his own. Every individual Initiate must sooner or later take his
proper spiritual place in whichever Circle of Consciousness will
prove of most benefit to him and where he can be of most value
to others.

Rusko - Cockney Thug


When your spirit is floating down that tunnel, towards the light
You know what's behind the light?
It's not God, it's me!
And I'm gonna kick your poncey soul
All the way back down the tunnel 'till you choke on your own fucked up ribs!
Wake the fuck up!

Fuck! (8x)

I haven't got a clue what's going on

Fuck! (6x)

Doug Stanhope - Democracy / Trade Out / Not Guilty

Doug Stanhope from the 2004 album "Deadbeat Hero"

Comic Con 2011 Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra

first of five parts from Comic Con 2011 Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra

Enter the Void + Grant Morrison Explains Life

Watch the whole interview Here:

Video is from Enter The Void:

Volbeat - Heaven Nor Hell

Mudvayne - Scream With Me


William G. Gray Quotes

Existence only goes
on existing because of imperfection. If perfection were ever
attained, there would be no need to exist. We shall find sufficient
evidence of this in our most imperfect world. Only in True Zero
is Absolute Perfection possible.

No genuine
Grade was ever 'given' or 'bestowed' on any real Initiate of the
Mysteries. It was their own acquisition absolutely, whether other
members of the Mysteries discovered it or not. In fact, an Initiation
enabled other members of the Group to find out which
Grade the candidate really belonged to and recognize this among

All kinds of devices are employed in the Mysteries to encourage
this Inner Awakening, sometimes termed the 'Golden
Dawn', since it is the Arising of Inward Light. One is the socalled
'koan', or posing a query unanswerable by any ordinary
intellectual means, and needing a reply from the Inner Intelligence
connecting with the Initiate's consciousness Which naturally
is Aware of the whole matter, and will respond according to
the Initiate's degree of illumination.

Genuine Initiations will only affect those who are properly
prepared to react rightly with the energies they release

'Teaching' comes to and through the individual Initiate himself,
via his Inner contacts with sources of spiritual enlightenment.
This true teaching and learning cannot come through books,
lectures, or ordinary verbal instructions. These may inform, but
they do not teach. Information collects in a mind, but teaching
changes an entire soul because it is imparted by Spirit

An informed
person is not necessarily a truly instructed one.

All that books can do is supply information on methods.
They do not, and never have supplied the means.

The craving for sheer information is natural enough to modern
Westerners however, though it should be guided into useful
channels where possible. Recommending books is always a difficult
matter on account of individual needs, but on the whole
probably the best idea is to suggest reading that encourages the
seeker to look for Light Inwardly, and proposes methods of
approaching this spiritually vital problem. Whatsoever deals
directly with these topics, and inspires a reader to do, be, and
become a more perfectly evolved soul, is worth recommendation.
The rest is intellectual entertainment, worth while for mental
decoration and display, but scarcely likely to result in betterment
of actual being.

This should not signify that intellectual achievements are to be
despised or belittled, but they must be placed in proper perspective
when seen by the Light of Illumination. They are means
and not ends in themselves. If they are sought as useful means
to assist the spiritual development of a conscious entity, then
they have value in the eyes of Inner Awareness. If, on the other
hand, they are acquired purely for personal gratification or advantage,
then they are worth no more than exactly that. By
themselves they will not lead us along the Line of Light towards
Divinity, but only to a simulated state of self-importance. Therefore
they should not be sought for their own sake, but for a
higher use they might serve.

Whatever degree we undergo, a corresponding
change will take place in us, perhaps for better, sometimes
for worse, but always for a distinct difference in
consciousness as a result.

Chasms of Consciousness
When we come to these 'Chasms of Consciousness' in spiritual
Dimensions, the first decision must naturally be whether or not
to attempt a crossing, and the second issue is the nature of the
transition. The Great Abyss for instance, is crossed by the Sword
Bridge, to symbolize the necessity for physical death, the passage
of the soul being represented by the Line of Light along the edge
of the Sword. Liberated from flesh by the point of the Sword,
the soul flies Lightward by way of the Lightline towards the
hilt, where it comes safely to the Hand of God which wields the
Weapon. The principles of this apply to all chasm-crossing. We
must be prepared to 'die', or part from our existing formalization
of ideas which bind us to materialized beliefs, so that we may
follow the path of pure power straight to its spiritual source
beyond the confines of consciousness from which we would
emerge into fresh fields of illumination

We may become different
beings from an expressional standpoint, but we do not become
immediately better or more highly evolved souls just because we
have crossed chasms into other conditions of consciousness. Man
does not reach Godhood with even his wildest leap. The Lightning-
Flash symbol from top to bottom of the Tree shows the instantaneous
contact of Divinity with Humanity, but the spirally
winding Serpent clearly indicates the upward Path of an evolving
human soul. T h e down-pointing Sword symbolizes our means
of bridging the gaps between our differing states of awareness
by voluntarily sacrificing one formation of consciousness for another
via the Line of Inner Light.

the individual's highest conscious concept of Divinity as one
end, and their most basic belief in Humanity as the other, this
will give a broad measure of their soul-stature.

Those who are trying to break
into different dimensions through psychedelic doors come back
with badly warped personalities incapable of correct interpretations
or evaluation of what has happened to them

It must be remembered
that the objective sought is accurate information about
the querant, and therefore the questions should be phrased to
that end. For instance, it should not be asked: 'Who are my
particular enemies?' but 'Who do I consider my worst enemies?'
Again it should not be asked: 'Who can I trust completely?',
but instead, 'Who do I believe in enough to trust completely?'
There is an important difference between these phrasings

No Initiate rejects earthly rewards of riches, fame, and other
material benefits without very good reasons indeed. Who seeks
Light must travel lightly

There is only one acceptable relationship
sought between the Initiate and his Infinity—namely the coming
together of each other into a common focal point of consciousness

This 'Attaining' is attempted in as many ways as there are
methods in the Mysteries, and the various practitioners naturally
suppose their own particular Systems are best. Blessed indeed are
they that find and follow faithfully whichever System is best
suited to their condition of consciousness and degree of humano-
Divinity. The only One True Path is that of any one soul true
to its especial Spirit

We l i v e as the Consciousness
of and in Creation-Cosmos.
As Forms we are but mortal, though
as Force we belong to Eternal Energy, which is imperishable.
Being conscious with Force of Form, we can simply accept the
Forms among which we are focused, or learn how to use our
Forces to make the Forms according to the Will within each of
us. Initiates of the Mysteries combine both courses.

Pete Philly - One

First single from the forthcoming album "ONE" by Pete Philly
Available on iTunes:

2011 c&p Open Loops / PIAS Benelux

Music & Lyrics by Pete Philly
Produced by Pete Philly & DJ PCM
Mixed by Peter Blom
Mastered by Alan Ward, Electric City

Lyrics, beatbox, vocals: Pete Philly
Piano: Reyn Ouwehand
Samples: PCM


via Tuggmusic
"Lovers Rock" from our 2010 album Come Sunrise, recorded and produced by Brad Ziggen (Skunk Records) and released on Last Call Records. For more information on T.U.G.G. visit

+acoustic version

From the CD Slow Chill - T:U:G:G:
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