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Crystal Castles - Untrust Us

William G. Gray - The Inner Traditions of Magic

quotes from pg 69 - 96
The Initiate is faced with the task of transmuting
these basics into far higher types of drive. Greed for
instance may become love, and fear caution. We do not eliminate
the energies that incline us to evil, but alter them. The worst in
us actually becomes the best and our 'devils' change to 'angels'
when the 'Secret of the Stone' is found. 'The greater the sinner
the greater the saint' is a very true saying. Only a great sinner
uses enough energy to become a saint. No energy is good or evil
in itself, for such distinctions can only arise from intentions of use
or opinions of results. Old-time Initiates were instructed to 'chain
the demons', or in other words harness 'wild' energies and bind
them into helpful channels. What mankind has done with external
natural forces, modern Initiates

the Seven Ray idea of arrangement.°wat is

Just as no financial borrower can obtain more funds than
their 'credit' allows, so no one can acquire more spiritual energy
than belief permits. Credit of course is belief. It amounts to a
double faith. First of all the faith of the applicants in themselves,
their ideas, and their own ability to handle capital successfully

Necessity of faith
There is a lot of loose speculation about the 'Power of Faith'.
Faith is not a Power at all, but a disposition or arrangement of
conditions so that force-flows through intended channels become
possible. In human beings, faith is the adoption of a specific
relative attitude between themselves and whatever they expect
fulfilment with.

extraordinary thing about Initiates as a whole is that they plod
ahead on a Path which others have either ceased looking for,
or refuse to believe might exist. Belief and Faith is an absolute
pre-requisite in all matters connected with the Mysteries. We
are definitely and clearly told to 'Believe first'. For those who
say: 'I cannot believe in anything', the rather odd counsel is
to believe firmly and positively in NOTHING as an Absolute, and
out of This will eventually emerge Everything. Ex Nihil Omnis
A useful formula in connection with Faith is the well

A useful formula in connection with Faith is the well-known
'Ohms Law' o n e —
Amount = —————————
This shows in the simplest way the relative factors concerned.
To obtain a given amount of faith we must either increase pressure,
decrease resistance, or both.

Once more it is a matter of degree. When we approach ordinary
humans for instance, our faith in them is subject to all sorts
of reservations and resistances to belief. We might have faith
in one direction but not another. Perhaps some individual may
be credited as to their honesty but not on account of their
memory. Another might be credited in some particular skill, but
disbelieved in for other matters. All this is normal practice in
everyday life, but its principles have to be extended Inwardly
when applying faith and beliefs along spiritual lines.
In Mystery practice, Initiates are taught to use belief with
discrimination. This means specification of faith in order to direct
energies along appropriate paths. T h e principle is to use a formulary
such as : 'I believe all Energy is One, but for such and such

Blind belief is not encouraged in the Mysteries of
Light except in the Origin of Light, Life, and Love from whence
all Energy emanates.

No intelligent Initiate believes that Angels or Spirits of any
species are winged people in nightgowns flitting around Inner
Space. However their Telesmic Images are shaped as Symbols,
they themselves are Active Agencies of Awareness, or categorical
concentrations of Divine Consciousness, each existing for some
particular purpose in the Plan of Perfection

All this might seem rather medieval to modern minds, but it
is basically sound enough. A sweep of Conscious Energy takes
place from top to bottom of Existence as it were in a complete
Creative Cosmic Cycle, connecting the most Abstract Divinity
to the most concrete point of mortal life through a definitive
series of control stages, each of which processes the Energy closer
to its purpose intended by the initiating Will invoking it.

Although this may well be termed Magic, it also happens all
throughout nature, and is observable in any radio set wherein
the remote energies received from the original power behind the
programme are picked up and processed through the different
electrical components until the objective of physical sonics
emerges from the speaker

Of ourselves, as humans and on our accord, we are very limited
beings indeed. Our sole hope of ever becoming more perfect is
to evolve out of what we become Within

Magic not for the millions
It has never been claimed that the methods of the Mysteries
are either applicable to or advisable for the bulk of humanity.
They are highly specialized adaptations of Universal Law which
relatively few human individuals are able to deal with, and
fewer yet reach any remarkable degree of efficiency in. There
will never be 'Magic for the Millions!' or 'Instant Initiation', or
any such commercialized travesty of Truth. Sincere but inexperienced
seekers are always looking for. criteria by which to judge
whether various matters connected with the Mysteries are genuine
or not, and whether individuals or Groups claiming to
represent the Inner Hierarchy are worthy of those claims or
otherwise. It is impossible to be absolutely hard and fast on those
points, but two sound basics of judgement have stood the testing
of many centuries. First, where money comes in, spiritual value
flies out. T h e more money demanded, the less real Inner Truth
is offered. Genuine spiritual worth depreciates in proportion to
the amount it is held to ransom by those claiming its custody.
Spirit may no more be sold in the market than sunlight. Secondly,
the higher and more specious the claims made by individuals or
Groups to be appointed trustees of some spiritual fund which
only they may administer, the falser such claims are likely to
be. The only commodity such have for sale is—sensation. No
more and no less.
Where working
The only sincere advice which may be given those seeking
contact with the Inner Holy Mysteries of Light, is to be highly
suspicious of all demands for money or pretentious claims made
on material levels. Offers to sell 'occult secrets', any kind of
Initiation, charms, talismans, or in fact anything whatsoever in
the way of Inner actualities should be firmly rejected.
It is best to
avoid commercialism in any form of disguise if genuine spiritual
development is sought. No matter what chicanery is used to
camouflage money-motives and power-policies, they remain today
what they always were, traps that lead Lightseekers into
confusion and disorders of the worst kind if they are foolish
enough to be deceived by these hoary frauds.

pg82 sublime with rome album
Once all the
wards of the lock line up properly with each other, and the Key
is turned, then the Door of the Innerworld will open.

Living for one particular purpose only, or directing all energies
to one point as a force-focus is a fairly well known 'secret of
success', used frequently by anyone seeking achievement of even
the slightest objective

A life based on eternal values is
eternal. Lives founded on alterable trivia are ephemeral. Hence
the importance of basing a life-motive on the Unchangeables of
Existence, such as pure Principles of Love, Justice, Beauty, Wisdom,
etc. As we base ourselves, so we build ourselves, and we
shall never be firmer than our foundations. If we are truly
founded on immortal values, linked with Concepts of Consciousness
which are the causations of our Cosmos, then that is what
we WILL BE. We become as we believe, which is why belief is so
vital to 'living true', and why it is necessary to find beliefs in
fundamentals even beyond life itself.

evidence dont hate

The Initiate of Light believes this Point to be the
Divine Spark inherent in every living soul through and into
Which true Illumination is solely possible. With this Unique
Ultimate as the Lodestar which guides through spiritual Night
until the Sun behind the sun arises in full Glory, the Initiate
relates all else in themselves with Inner and Outer reality. Everything
in their existence is pointed one way, which is the Divine

All the apparently divergent Rites, customs, practices, meditations,
maxims, and other behaviours of consciousness associated
with the operation of what is sometimes called 'Higher Magic'
are really angles of approach connected with the same centre

It is an old saying in the Mysteries
that they who enter the Ways to gain everything get nothing,
and whoso enters the Way for Nothing gains All

This does not mean that knowledge of the various Systems should
not be acquired, but the essential information is which System
suits which individual Initiate, Hence: 'Man—Know Thyself.'
Systems were made for souls, and not souls for Systems.

Symbol of Janus, a two-way look.

matter which System is adopted, eventually all souls must find
their own feet on the Way beyond every one of them

may be said however, that although all Systems connect with
the same Ultimate Point, experience has shown it best for individual
souls to follow the Line of Light most closely aligned
with their ethnical and cultural associations.

All Initiates and their Circles act as relays and components
along the energy-circuits of the spiritual Powers utilizing such
material media. An age accustomed to bugging and microdotting
as mechanical interceptors of awareness should have little difficulty
in accepting the possibilities of Mystery Initiates being
used as agents of a more advanced type of consciousness than
normally expressed through other mortals.

Man is a self-conscious entity whose awareness is constantly
being modified by reactive processes with other beings and
entities whether these are physical or not

As a rule, hurt feelings are a reaction to behaviour by other
embodied beings whose corporeality acts as an objective focus
for the forces stimulating such an effect.

The main reason for this discrepancy between the ideal and
actual Picture of Presentation, is simply that we absorb and reradiate
already distorted Light from much lower levels than our
Divine Inner Source of illumination. If it were possible for us
to receive our Inner energies purely from this Supreme Source
alone and project them properly through ourselves, then we
should present a perfectly true picture of All in All to All.

Most human souls, especially young ones in an evolutionary
sense, are receptive to extraneous influences of all kinds whether
beneficial to them or not. In their natural anxiety to evolve as
rapidly as possible, they accept energies of every sort into themselves
regardless of consequences, or effects to their own structure.

Every one of us must either pick ourselves
up and climb the Tree of Life by the Ladder of Light, or remain
wallowing in the mire of materialism where we deserve to be if
we refuse to recognize our own true potentials. We shall receive
all the help we need from Inner sources in proportion to the
efforts we make on our own best behalf. The initial impetus
towards Divinity however, must arise from within individuals,
hence the process is well called Initiation

Con-science. Knowing 'together with', or something
shared by Divinity and humanity through an awareness
common to both.
Through the Holy Mysteries therefore, there evolved what
might be called the Middle W a y of Approach. This was what we
now term Inspiration, a condition of consciousness in which a
direct line of Inner Light comes from the highest point its human

Practically everyone has 'moments of inspiration', when at
least something from a far higher level than usual 'gets through',
and causes a change in consciousness resulting in changes of lifeconditions
unlikely to have happened otherwise

our perception is bounded by our own visual

'Workers of the
Will unite! You have nothing to lose but the world'.

Probably the best known
and the least understood are the so-called 'Rosicrucian' Grades,

pg95 afbeeliding

Testing a candidate's degree condition
There is, of course, only one practical way to tell the degree
condition of anything or anyone, and that is to test it or them by
imposing a series of usages to cover a full working range. In the
case of a human being, a wide variety of such tests are necessary pg97

When we are young and everything is new to us, we are full
of energies and enthusiasms to meet the constantly changing
events that challenge our consciousness to deal with them. Life
is magic and love is double magic

We must continually meet fresh
Inner forces with new outlooks and approaches which will arouse
our reactions on ever higher levels of being and so lift our lives
steadily towards the Light of Ultimate Illumination

the I.N.R.I. formula of Ignis Natura Renovata Integra—
' T h e Fire of Nature renews and refreshes'. This is becoming a
'Child of Light' in order to enter the 'Kingdom of Heaven'.

The movement - say hello

here·s my telsmic image

The Movements song Say Hello off of their album Set Sail check them out at Themovementvibe.com

You got to get up, stand /
Rise to the music jump up /
If you loving what you're doing and never ready to give up /
'Cause we lifting you high right by your boot straps /
Who's that crew keeping them hollerin true that /
You got to wake up, live, love with a bit of energy /
'Cause the rhythm you're sending me is oh so nice /
And I finally found the reason the meaning for my beliefs /
And I been waiting for this my whole life /
And I said /

Say hello to the table if it turns you /
Say hello to the fire if it burns you /
Say hello to the color of my eyes /
Just don't say good bye /
Don't be afraid /
Say hello to the table if it turns you /
Say hello to the fire if it burns you /
Say hello to the bluing of the sky /
Just don't say good bye /
Don't be afraid /

You got to shape up ship out /
Dip to the music flip out /
If you're loving what you're doing and never ready to give out /
If it sends you a message you're dying to hear /
You better open up your eyes /
Let if find your ears /
You got to wake up, live, love with a bit of energy /
'Cause the feeling you're sending me is oh so nice /
And I finally found the purpose /
It's perfect 'cause I deserve it /
I been waiting for this my whole life /
And I said /

Pickin it up from where we left off ya see /
Witches are real and if you don't believe me /
You can flip on the news on any t.v. /
But only music hypnotize me /
So we gonna bump till the break of dawn /
Pass it on the music blasts and lasts the night long /
Live for the sea and be eternally /
Loving because the sweet reggae music makes me /

Isusko & Sbrv - En El Coco Una Mierda - Marionetas [2011] [HD]

im back in the hizzy after a 7 day roadtrippy, new post inc! soon! stay tuned!

Estaba apoyado en la barra borracho fumándome un Chester,
en mi coco, hay un laboratorio como Dexter,
no escucháis ni sentís, ni Rapel ni Aramís,
fue Rapha de Logroño quien predijo este beat para mí.
lubrica bien este fusil, para que escupa,
y cuando roce tu piel, créeme te hará más que pupa,
como sabe la miel, de estas frases ocupas,
si viven lejos y bien, sin seguir vuestra ruta.
tengo el kit, mi curro es una shit en un supermercado,
y esta cara es tapadera de una fábrica de rap pesado,
visionario desde hace mil años,
cuesta mucho esfuerzo nadar entre pirañas.
no es el tema del milenio ni me creo Steig Larsson,
pero olvido el colapso, el sonido del claxon,
viajo lejos del motor del consumismo del brazo,
te enseño el panorama que hay ahí fuera de un trazo.
tengo mucho que fumar y un bolígrafo que quema,
este calvario va por dentro pero por fuera no se ve, que va,
no sé de qué van, no se les queda,
mi voz suena en tu equipo y eso es una prueba.
yo escribo por los jóvenes despiertos, son unos cuantos,
sabes lo que me interesa a mi María Teresa Campos,
haría compost, después un abrigo,
de cada piel de quien nos hacen creer quien es el enemigo.
y cuando vean que sus pies van hacia el nicho,
echará un vistazo atrás, verá que todo fue un capricho,
intenta sobrevivir aunque todo se complique y,
recuerda este paisaje bien antes de que edifiquen.

[Estribillo] (x2)
Así que deja que mi texto te guie y que no te pierda,
tienes tres carreras pero en el coco una mierda,
sueno y dicen buf, esto es una pasada,
lo que necesitas tu es una cabeza amueblada.

Esta canción va dedicada para mi amigo Joseba
lo malo se queda, lo buena se va, allá vamos...

Vuelve el faquir si en casa frase trinca un sable,
ocho años que cabalgan sobre ritmos incansables,
y en el 20 - 10 las cosas son difíciles,
le dije mamá no quiero vivir rodeado de un puñado de imbéciles.
así me supe distinguir, perdí la pista,
de uno gobierno primitivo disfrazado de socialista,
primitivo, si todo son cuentistas,
debo de ser la chispa que te queme, que mantenga el fuego vivo.
es la procesión, la compresión que va por dentro,
y conecta con tu otro yo de un mundo más despierto,
ciudadanos del mundo quedan mudos ya no hay eco,
quieren, tú cerebro medio muerto, medio seco y pueden.
letras de urgencia para situaciones críticas,
te busco a ti, si con esto de identificas,
ni cruz ni mezquita, ni pan ni agua bendita,
es unión lo que esta peña necesita.

Así que deja que mi texto te guie y que no te pierda,
tienes tres carreras pero en el coco una mierda,
sueno y dicen buf, esto es una pasada,
lo que necesitas tu es una cabeza amueblada.
Así que deja que mi texto te guie y que no te pierda,
tienes tres carreras pero en el coco una mierda,
sueno y dicen buf, esto es una pasada,
lo mejor que me ha pasado es que no me ha pasado nada.

Evidence - "Don't Hate ft. Defari"

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