Transformers 3 - Dark Side of the Moon Trailer (NEW)

A new trailer has been released for transformers 3 - darkside of the moon
(warning! heavy spoiler)

Rome Ramirez & Doug Means, live 1/23/10 Benjamin Franklin

Believe acoustic Rome Ramirez & Duddy from the Dirty Heads

Sublime with Rome Yours truly album cover

nice lookin cover art from the album yours truly :p
full album of yours truly coming around and will be released @ somewhere july 12th 2011!

Transiti@ns logo @ harlem globetrotters 2011 sponsor

Saigon- "Preacher"

Saigon - Shok TV

Weed Talk With Joe Rogan

Billy Connolly -RELIGION IS OVER

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Space Fillers

from thedailyshow
Commercial space flights offer new opportunity for the super rich to fill their empty, meaningless lives

Harlem Globetrotters 2009 Show Reno

okay they got some really funny sh*t in their game tactics so enjoy the harlem globetrotters show from Reno 2009
weird stargate reference @ globetrotters 2011 in name transiti@ns, (scrolling down for exerpt picture)
roflmao @ the mascot starting 5.41
the intro is really sh*t though but still worth 9min of globetrotters magic ;)

Harlem Globetrotters In Toronto 2010
nice mj mascot beat it cover @ somewhere beginning , mj cover @ 5.16 lol
lol @ cobra move warmup
roflmao @ mascot spinning @ 9.06min

Harlem Globetrotters & Globie 2011 Tour
here are some stargate references exerpt pictures in the name of some sponsor titled

LOL @ the whistling referee @ 2.48min

First quantum computer just sold to Lockheed Martin but binary computers fight back

kudos to derren brown

lol for charity my ass, its gonna get hacked anyway lol

Bad Religion-Out Of Hand

Fat Wreck Chords: Short music for short people, here·s the bad religion song from it

System Of A Down - Hypnotize

Authority Zero - (Rhythm and Booze)

Joell ortiz ft immortal technique - Modern day slavery

(Joell Ortiz:)
Ain't nothing changed except the chains
That restraining our physical frame
Mentally we still living the same
Its lock down
They knock down the Towers to raise tax
Anything they burn we pay back
I live in the hood; you'll never bump into Pat Seajack
But we spin the wheel every time we chill
Cuz cops hate blacks, and Hispanics they draw gats
And just slam it before the ask where your hand is
I don't see how a wallet can be mistaken for a cannon
~So please don't let em play us no more
In everyway I'm ready, willing, and able to war
Like any day I could pop I'd be in the front
Like, please let the force be with me in this pump
Housing want me to work cuz I'm still on my mom's lease
Threatening to raise the rent if I don't pick up them park leaves
Ain't nothing in this world for free
But somehow they got us fooled that this world is free

(chorus: Joell Ortiz)
YOU SEE (yes)
CARRY I.D. (yes)
For so long trying to be strong with you (I've been running)
I'm exhausted (Ohh yeah)
My feet hurt (I don't...)
Wanna run no more (I don't....)
Wanna run no more (I don't know what's a bed)
They said (a change is going)
WHEN (a change is going)
WHEN (a change is going (...) everyday)

(Immortal Technique:)
Our people are the product of genocide and slavery
Everything in the ghetto was how it was made to be
Designed in a process, Prison Industrial Complex
Niggaz transformed into numbers and objects
We pay the devil rent for living in hell
Cuz the projects was built on the spot where Lucifer fell
Incarcerated knowledge heavy weight (Heavy Nigga)
Every black man should read through the Romany Chapter 28
~Cursed in the city like we're cursed in the field
Cursed on the border, and cursed by the New World Order
Our sons and daughters were stolen by another people
_ end of the Earth, land of the Eagle
This is the sequel to the prophecy
Freedom when peaceful then violent is my philosophy
I built an army, now I'm gonna build a nation
The foundation of a new civilization
And overthrow the plantation

(chorus: Immortal Technique)
Just wait young nigga you'll see (I've been running)
For so long, my people been strong, but yo (I've been running)
I'm exhausted (Ohh yeah)
My heart hurts (I don't...)
But I'm gunning them more (I don't....)
But I'm gunning them more (Fuck them, niggas!)
I said, we gotta make em (a change is going)
We gotta make em (a change is going)
Quick motherfucker (lock and load)

Immortal Technique
Joell Ortiz
Harlem, Brooklyn
You know what it is nigga, the rebirth of the Young Lords
Coming soon motherfucka

You sleep and you die nigga...
Good night motherfucka!

Lange Frans - Brief aan de Minister President

live performance from lange frans - brief aan de minister president @ Week Rap @ GIEL, 3FM
lol @ the wheel of fortune spinning in the back of the clip ;)

Marihuana USA

here·s the first for marihuana usa from cnbc

FunkAbilities - Take a Sec

Doug Stanhope

some standup from doug stanhope i never seen before, heres the(2nd) part of it :D
@ 6.41 somewhere:
Did you hear poli-tics-ians talk about platforms
That is not advancing!!
We are going to create jobs for people
But why ?!!!
Shouldn·t the long term goal of any society be:
where is the candidate who is trying to make robots to do all this shit for us

Terence Mckenna destroys Relativism

Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Trigger The Final Secret Of the Illiuminati

From Robert Anton Wilson's preface to his book Cosmic Trigger The Final Secret Of the Illiuminati, volume 1:

Belief in the traditional sense, or certitude, or dogma, amounts to the grandiose delusion, "My current model" -- or grid, or map, or reality-tunnel -- "contains the whole universe and will never need to be revised." In terms of the history of science and knowledge in general, this appears absurd and arrogant to me, and I am perpetually astonished that so many people still manage to live with such a medieval attitude.
Read more here expressionsofthedream: form-is-emptiness-emptiness-is-form

Robert Anton Wilson On Channeling And ET Contact

Harlem Globetrotters: Team That Changed The World

enjoy the first part :)
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