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Katt Williams Let A Playa Play Part 1

katt williams let a playa play
@ the end somewhere:
13.34: they want us to believe shit that makes no sense
they dont want us to smoke weed because its a drug¿?
NO!!! ITS NOT!!!
It just grow like that and if you might set it on fire there might be some effects
But that·s not the same as drugs
drugs you gotta do shit to it chemicly @ "shit" (baking powder,etc;) to it;
I don·t know the recipe , I·m just saying
There is a chemical in weed called fuck it

decided to post the 2nd video 2 for the funny singularity referrel
(mobile phones implented in tongue)

Katt Williams Its Pimpin Pimpin

here·s the first part

you might also check out the 7th part

Channel Zero "Hot Summer"

Just go with it - sheep fight club scene

there·s another one when he tries to save the sheep as well ;) lol


trailer for upcoming movie from the producers of 300: "Immortals".

José González - 'Teardrop'

P.O.D.- Greetings

Transcendent Man

Conan the Barbarian Trailer

trailers for upcoming conan the barbarian in 3d

Mr Tea

Try before you die - bnn - Geraldine maakt graancirkel

“Almost 60 acres. 530 x 450 meters in size. Created in an evening of August, 2009, at the province of Zeeland, Netherlands, it’s the biggest “crop circle” ever created. And with a twist.

Everything was recorded in video, as this was definitely a very human creation. To be more exact, a creation of 60 humans captured in its process from concept to realization by the cameras of the reality TV show “Try Before You Die”.

The culprits are the members of XL D-Sign team, which has been creating fantastic formations for more than ten years – many of which are promoted as “mysterious” to this day. This latest one, the biggest one to date, was properly named project Atlas, and aimed not only to break the size record but also depict “a message of both the beauty and vulnerability of man”.

The gigantic formation can be interpreted in several ways, from the metamorphosis of a butterfly, to the Vitruvian Man, to Mothman and perhaps even chakras. All part of a human symbology, with a human message, created by humans to humans, surpassing in size every crop circle ever created.”

Rare fire tornado

“Severe drought and strong dry winds in Sao Paolo have caused a rare fire tornado in the northwest city of Aracatuba. A three month drought in the region has led to brush fires across Brazil, creating the conditions for the fire tornado. Fire tornados, also known colloquially as fire devils, happen when a fire acquires a vertical rotating column of air. Some can be more than a half a mile tall and contain winds over 100 mph.

In 1923, Great Kanto earthquake in Japan, ignited a firestorm that raged through the city and produced a gigantic fire tornado that killed 38,000 in 15 minutes in the Hifukusho-Ato region of Tokyo.”

Read more at The Telegraph

VSS Enterprise Manned Free Flight Test Virgin Galactic

“Virgin Galactic’s space tourism rocket SpaceShipTwo has completed its first solo glide flight, marking another step in the company’s eventual plans to fly paying passengers.

SpaceShipTwo was carried aloft by its mothership to an altitude of 45,000 feet and released over the Mojave Desert. After the separation, SpaceShipTwo, manned by two pilots, flew freely for 11 minutes before landing at an airport runway followed by the mothership.

The entire test flight lasted about 25 minutes, and Virgin Galactic chief executive George Whitesides said: “It flew beautifully.”

The six-passenger SpaceShipTwo is undergoing rigorous testing before it can carry tourists to space. In the latest test, SpaceShipTwo did not fire its rocket engine to climb to space.

Until now, SpaceShipTwo has flown attached to the wing of its special jet-powered mothership, dubbed WhiteKnightTwo, and this was the first time the spaceship has flown on its own.

The news was hailed by space tourism advocates, with John Gedmark, executive director of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, saying: “The flight marks another key milestone towards opening the space frontier for private individuals, researchers, and explorers

Magic Software Eliminates Objects From Reality Itself

How it works?
Their software takes a live video feed and does some pretty neat seemingly magic tricks with it. After roughly selecting the object, their program reduces the quality of the frames coming from the camera. Then it removes the object from the reduced quality version. Once this is done, it improves the quality of the result and blends it with the actual frame, which is returned to the viewer in just 41ms. At that speed, the human brain doesn’t notice any delay.
more at gizmodo

Stephen Fry On Language - Kinetic Typography

Matt Ridley And Richard Dawkins Discuss What Extraterrestrial Life Would Look Like

Time Dilation – a short introduction

NASA's Puffin: Your Personal Aircraft?

Elevator Musik - Curren$y (rated fly revisited)

Canabis bevrijdingsdag

might be a bit old but hey i prefer 5 oz instead of the 3oz
6th of june we·ll see what happens

Oil’d by Chris Harmon

This rather wonderfully creative little animation was created by Chris Harmon who “spent all of my free time in the last month putting this together to help illustrate just how dependent we truly are on oil”.

With the 1 year anniversary upon us there’s focus once again on this terrible incident, but when it’s looked at from this angle, it becomes a strong message for lowering our dependency.
via derren brown

Oil'd from Chris Harmon on Vimeo.

Monkeys show signs of advanced memory powers

Ben Basile of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, placed five rhesus monkeys in front of a touchscreen that briefly showed a blue square and two red ones. After an interval of up to 2 minutes, the blue square reappeared in a different place, and the monkeys had to replicate the pattern in its new position by tapping the screen to place red squares.

Their success rate was significantly better than chance, showing for the first time that they are able to recall things from memory. This is more advanced than recognising a familiar object, and could be a precursor to long-term memory.

New Scientist
derren brown

Adam Curtis - All Watched Over by Machines

This series of films investigates how people have been colonised by the machines they have built.

Although they may not realise it, the way many people see everything in the world today is through the eyes of the computers. Not just politics and the economy -- but also in the way bodies, minds, and even the whole of the natural world are perceived.

The underlying argument is that people have given up a dynamic political model of the world -- the dream of changing things for the better -- for a static machine ideology that says everyone is a component in a system, and that the aim is to manage these systems and keep them stable.

From the utopian visions of the worldwide web to the idea of an interconnected global economic system, to the dream of balanced ecosystems, all these ideas share an underlying machine vision of organisation and order.

The films tell an extraordinary range of stories: from novelist Ayn Rand and her tragic love affairs to the dreams and the frightening reality of the hippie communes; from the brutal politics of the Belgian Congo to the doomsday computer model behind the rise of modern environmentalism; from the lonely suicide in a London squat of the mathematical genius who invented the selfish gene theory to Alan Greenspan and his faith in a new kind of global economic system. And there's also the computer model of the eating habits of the Pronghorn antelope.

The series argues that by embracing this new machine ideology something very precious has been given up: the idea of progress and political struggle to change the world for the better.

Episode One - Love and Power

When ninjas do card tricks

Some card tricks just require a rare kind of brute force.
lol amazing

via derren brown·s blog

Derren Brown freaks out Jamie Oliver

Derren Brown - disguised as clown

Stephen Marley - Freedom Time

Korn- Earache My Eye

Robert Anton Wilson explains Quantum Physics

explain quantum physics sinply?
when i moved from la i moved into witch i thought was santra cruz
I had something stolen from my car and haha, i called the police, and that when in a time that i didnt live in santa cruz , we lived in a town called capitola?
which we live the most time of our live, but the police thaught we lived in capitola
And i started invistigating this and i reported to the local newspaper that i didnt live
in the santa cruz or capitol and that ..
now quantum mechanics are just like that
just in the case of santa cruz and capitol we dont get 2 confused , because we remembered , we invented the line of santa cruz
but quantum physics seems to be confusing because a lot of people dont believe that we didnt create this lines
so it seems odd to understand how a particle can be a 3 places at the same time without being anywhere at all
(might be some flawbacks in the translation)

DMT - Joe Rogan and Terrance McKenna

"hey and guess what
nobodys dying from psychedelics
all our (are) thoughts on psychedelics are based upon bullshit propaganda"

" any psychedilic expirience is like pressing ctrl-alt-del on your brain"

joe rogan dissing a pastor


Pearls of Wisdom with Joe Rogan

Aliens will come through? the mind @ 5.47 min (nice one)
quote @ " 10.17min" what people dont realise there are canaboid receptors inside your mind,..., also they are their to recieve marihuana, to recieve all the sh*t¿? thats in marihuana
Marihuana could easily be responsible 4 human behavioral development
A long time ago we could have established a symbiotic relationship with marihuana
If you look at the characteristics its all about :
* people being loving
*people being kinder, friendlier & sillier & less threathning
* and more insecure¿? so it makes you less c*cky
*only good things 4 society

Pete Philly - Mirror

Area 51 declassified

ALIEN INVASION aka When Aliens Attack

click to watch
teaser promo for alien invasion aka when aliens attack documentary

heres the first part on yt

Sublime's - April 29th 1992 (Miami) - by Guttermouth

Sublime's - April 29th 1992 (Miami) - by Guttermouth cover from the album forever free

Sublime's - Caress Me Down - by Voodoo Glow Skulls cover

Sublime's - Badfish - by No Use For A Name

Everything Must Go - trailer

here·s the trailer 4 everything must go with will ferrell

Will Ferrell Talks Learning Spanish

The Chris Rock Show: UPN News

Chris Rock shows the Black Progress

George Carlin the planet, and "the freak show"

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