Refused - "New Noise" (Live)

Live version of "New Noise" from Refused 'The Shape Of Punk To Come'

The Colbert Report Exclusive - Green Screen Challenge Revisited

Stephen defends himself against a room of bloodthirsty aliens out to crush him under their springy foot pods

The Colbert Report Brian Cox discusses relativity and scientific bollocks

The Colbert Report Big Bang Theory

Physicists theorize that the Large Hadron Collider is being sabotaged from the future

The Colbert Report Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll talks about the mystery of time and the possibility of a multiverse

The Colbert Report Fallback Position - Astronaut part 1 + 2 + 3

Stephen admits to Steve Lindsey that he lashes out in zero gravity, has a spastic colon and needs a lot of time alone.


Stephen begins his astronaut training by working in zero gravity, running on his space treadmill and test-driving moon wheels. (2)


Before Stephen can land the space shuttle, he needs to know how to fly it in five words or less (3)


The Colbert Report Brian Greene String Theory & parallel universes

Brian Greene says math is the gateway to reality and calls Stephen a bag of particles governed by the laws of physics

The Colbert Report Space Module: Colbert - Democracy in Orbit

Representative Chaka Fattah insists that Stephen won the NASA node-naming contest fair and square.

The Colbert Report Failure to Launch - Atlantis Crew

Stephen asks the Atlantis crew for advice on how he can prepare himself for space. (07:00)

The Colbert Report Stephen Hawking Encountering Aliens

Stephen looks forward to a future, post-alien takeover, when the Cleveland Humans take the field

The Colbert Report David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovitch , a historian who debunks conspiracy theories, looks into why intelligent people believe really dumb things about what happens

All 1,200 newly discovered exoplanets orbiting in one gigantic solar system

All 1,200 newly discovered exoplanets orbiting in one gigantic solar system

This amazing video brings together all 1,236 exoplanet candidates that the Kepler telescope has spotted, and it imagines how they would look all together in a single solar system. All the planets are to scale and in the correct relative positions to their star. Prepare to be blown away by just how crowded our galaxy has gotten.

The video is the work of Vancouver-based artist and educator Jer Thorp. The configuration is of course just meant as a hypothetical – gravitational forces would rip apart such a crowded solar system – but it provides an ingenious way of visualizing how all the newly discovered planet candidates fit together…

All 1,200 newly discovered exoplanets orbiting in one gigantic solar system!5755102/all-1200-newly-discovered-exoplanets-orbiting-in-one-gigantic-solar-system

NASA Probe Becomes First Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury

A well-traveled NASA probe made history late Thursday (March 17), becoming the first spacecraft ever to enter into orbit around Mercury.

NASA's Messenger spacecraft fired its main thruster in a 15-minute orbital insertion burn Thursday night to slow down by about 1,900 mph (3,058 kph), enough to enter Mercury's gravitational influence and settle into orbit around the planet.

About an hour after the 8:54 p.m. EDT (0054 GMT) engine burn it was official: Messenger was in a looping, 12-hour orbit around the solar system's innermost planet.

Mercury now has an artificial satellite, for the first time ever.

read more here

A Free Trip to Space? Travel Website Plans Out-of-this-World Giveaway

Anyone wanna free ride to space?

A new travel website is offering one lucky person a chance for a free trip into space – well, the edge of space, anyway.

The members-only travel site, called TripAlertz, has teamed up with the private rocket developer XCOR Aerospace of Mojave, Calif., to give away what the travel firm has dubbed a "Free Epic Journey into Space."

Participants can enter the contest by becoming a member on the TripAlertz website, referring their friends, or as a reward for dollars spent on the travel site. The winner will get to ride aboard XCOR's Lynx suborbital space plane with veteran pilot and former NASA space shuttle commander, Rick Searfoss.

The winner can assign the trip, subject to certain restrictions, as a gift to family, friends or a charity. In addition to the Lynx flight, the TripAlertz Epic Journey into Space includes a five-night stay at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley, Ariz. during training and preparation, medical evaluation and screening, a cancellation insurance policy, organizers said.

You have to be age of 21 to enter. A winner will be drawn on June 21.

full story here:

Earth-based Lasers Could Zap Space Junk Clear From Satellites

Lasers on the ground could be used to nudge debris in orbit, which could help move dangerous space junk away from satellites and spacecraft, scientists working with NASA suggest.

Space debris might not sound like much of a threat until one realizes that in low-Earth orbit, "these objects are typically going at about 7.5 kilometers per second, or almost 17,000 miles per hour," said physicist James Mason, a NASA contract scientist at the Universities Space Research Association. "To put this in perspective, a 1-ounce piece of debris traveling at this velocity has about the same kinetic energy as a 2-ton car traveling at 60 miles per hour."

Zapping space junk

A number of proposals have been floated to help clean up this garbage, such as rendezvousing with large objects like rocket bodies and propelling them back at Earth. However, such missions would be complex and expensive.

Instead of going up into space to bring down garbage, scientists have suggested remaining on the ground and zapping it with lasers.

A look at how a ground-based laser could nudge space junk clear of any satellites to avoid damaging spacecraft in orbit.

full article here:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Black - Back in Black - Kids' Earth Day

Kids need to start pooping in a solar-powered bucket so Wilmer Valderrama doesn't have to give up his Escalade

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Back in Black - Product Recalls

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart I Like Big Cuts

Kid Cudi - Rollin'

Call Me Moon Man - Kid CuDi

Call Me Moon Man - Kid CuDi

Yea the man and the myth
The whispers the gossip
Words from a trick
He oh so cute
and he down to earth too

You can call me Moon Man

And I'm just visitin'
No beyond the beats
To lyrics you are listenin'
Everything I am is probably everything they not so

You can call me Moon Man

I have no plan
I just landed here to approach those lanes
With the weakest of ears
Stop livin' in fear
Even though shits eerie
No matter the cost
Motha fuckas will hear me,
and i will out shine and out rhyme Those lanes you don't cut it,
Midwest cleveland niggas
Please (in love it)?

You can call me Moon Man

To the haters who still puzzle
It's okay I'm a dog who still muzzle
But once I'm unleashed like Jet Li
I'm kickin' it

You can call me Moon Man

Like a tribe of questin
Supplyin like a radio hot line request on the radio
Somewhat mentally challenged like Radio,
Can't fade me,
Like a bad barber,
It's new sound its eat pill
Take it at your own risk word the email
I don't know B thats the words of Patrick

You can call me Moon Man

Shit it so damn sick
No antibiotic can ever fuckin stop it
If you copped it
Please OD

You can call me Moon Man

If not for me please do it for music
I make immortal songs for the mortals to cruise with,
For mortals to live with
Expand they realm
For my people free
Find peace in these
You won't be free
'Till you live on the stars
Shootin' by the moon
I'll be seeing you soon
But for now I'm away steppin'
Put me up in your away message
Word for word I keep rollin' on 'em
Rollin' on 'em
Wha wha wha wha
I keep rollin on 'em rollin' on 'em
I'm rollin' on 'em

Black Square - One glass of water + Amoeba video

Vans Warped Tour 2011 preview Set Your Goals -Gaia Bleeds

Set Your Goals -Gaia Bleeds

Vans Warped Tour 2011 Preview The Black Pacific "The System" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Vans Warped Tour 2011 preview Blind - The Planet Smashers

The official music video to the song "Blind" by "The Planet Smashers"

Xzibit - Bitch Ass Niggas - from the album Man Vs Machine

Saigon - Favorite Things

Jedi Mind Tricks - OuterSpace - Conspiracy Theory

Omnicron - Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Apathy & Sun Pharaoh Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness

Omnicron - Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Apathy & Sun Pharaoh from the album The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness

Omnicron - Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Apathy & Sun Pharaoh

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest 2011 highlights

Blake Griffin jumps over a car to win the 2011 Dunk Contest
checkout the other highlights from the sprite slam dunk contest 2011

JaVale McGee Double Dunk - 2011 Slam Dunk Competition

lol mcgee decided one rim wasnt enough for his dunkattempt @ the nba slamdunk contest 2011 nice dunk

JaVale McGee Double Dunk - 2011 Slam Dunk Competition

Nba Allstar Celebrity game Scottie Pippen rejects Justin Bieber + game highlights

the funniest part was when magic johnson couldnt handle pippens three·s and started trash talkin to pippen thinkin he was playin the nba finals killin them with his bombs (3pterz) lol
vid here magic j @ 08.09min/12.13min

great game pippen , block from pippen was awesome 2 as here seen in the vid below also check out the nba 2011 celebrity game highlights vid

NBA All Star Celebrity Game highlights

NBA 2011 Slam Dunk Contest - Blake Griffin Dunk Over a Car

Here are some screenshots from Blake Griffin dunkin over a car @ nba slamdunk contest 2011

other angle topview dunk over car nba slamdunk contest 2011

NBA 2011 Slam Dunk Contest - Blake Griffin Dunk Over a Car

WatNouTV - Def P & Artwork (Deel I & II)

def p talkin bout his artwork

WatNouTV - Def P (Deel I)

WatNouTV - Def P (Deel II)

Niels bij Def P!Uit WatNouTV van 2005!

Def P - Ander Level

badass artwork from def p

Def P - Ander Level
some exerpts from the dutch lyrics

Op deze rapbol ben jij een micro-organisme

Gezien je level adviseer ik rijmpacifisme
Elektronen, neutronen, protonen, beattonen
De beste wetenschappers kunnen mij niet klonen
Wietklonen geven mij atomische kracht
en mijn geest overstijgt mijn anatomische macht
Dus sorry als jij je eigen werk beter vond,
maar ik zweef in m'n eigen wereld rond

Ik zit op een ander level dan jij, een andrere frequentie
Ik zit op een ander level dan jij, een andere dimensie
Ik zit op een ander level dan jij, een ander niveau
Ik zit op een ander level dan jij, een hoger plateau

Slightly Stoopid CHRONCHITIS

nice artwork on the album cover, bots, ai, etc
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