Bitch Hunter w/ Will Ferrell

Dana Carvey's LOST Spin-off

Dana Carvey reveals the island's darkest secret: nonsense. This is 'Weird Island,' from Dana Carvey and Spike Feresten's show 'Spoof.'

Saturday Night Live - Orbit & Larry in "Comic Minds" (Will Ferrell & Tracy Morgan)

Children Collide - Skeleton Dance

Dan Black - Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi

Kidz In Space - Downtime

from the nba2k11 ost

The Alan Parsons Project- Sirius

they play this song alot at sports games cfr. nba

The Alan Parsons Project- Sirius

Photoblocker spray

Oneness Atlantis & Lemuria

Judge Not the Path of Another. Learn to Understand That You May Not Understand The Path of Another. Judge the Path of Another, Only to Judge and Determine Your Own Path.

Those who know Not that they are One, Act not as One. Those who act not as One, Create not Love, but suffering and disharmony. What you create, you receive. The Fruits of Your acts will follow your days.


Find Oneness at All Cost. In finding Oneness, you find God. In finding Oneness, you find yourself. In finding Oneness, you find Real Love. Living as One, is to Unselfishly Love All Living as One, is to Unselfishly Love yourself. To find Oneness, Unselfishly Love others, Before yourself.

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Shabazz Palaces - Chuch (all seein eye hidden in plain sight)

(illuminati all seein eye hidden in plain sight at the red flag in the middle)

Shabazz Palaces - Chuch

Passport to the Universe Planetarium Show Citizens of the Cosmos beware :p

Citizens of the Cosmos beware :p

Tupac & Scarface - Smile

There's gon' be some stuff you gon' see
that's gon' make it hard to smile in the future.
But through whatever you see,
through all the rain and the pain,
you gotta keep your sense of humor.
You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit.
Remember that.
Mmm, yeah.
Keep ya head up.Yeah.

Mike Doughty - I Hear The Bells

Journeys Into Time with David Anderson

In 2002, Dr. David Anderson was forced into seclusion and persuaded to abandon all meaningful research into time travel. Having already established that he could slow or speed up time in a self-contained field the size of a soccer ball, Dr. Anderson attracted considerable attention from the medical community and the Government. The potential for life-giving organ transplants by slowing down the decay rate was not lost by investors who sought out Dr. Anderson’s expertise to make this a reality. The Time Travel Research Center was thus established as a full-fledged laboratory with two facilities in the U.S. and one in Romania. Dr. Anderson’s progress led him to a need for expertise in instrumentation so that the self-contained “time field” could be expanded and further explored. The obvious conclusion was for him to liaise professional with Preston Nichols, an expert in the field of instrumentation. After this, David experienced undue security problems which were traced to the Government.

His friends and loved ones were threatened until he gave up control of all time travel operations. After a year, he left behind his archives to Peter Moon which included a sixty minute high quality and professionally produced industrial video which was designed for prospective investors as well as the public. 60 mins DVD


Fifty million stars in our galaxy have the potential of supporting life forms capable of traveling to other planets, says world-renowned authority Erich von Daniken, whose film version of his best- selling book, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS, gives stunning visual proof that some form of life from outer space landed on Earth centuries ago. It took five years for von Daniken to document, on film, the physical evidence of visits by galactic travelers who came to Earth. Just what they did here and the influences they left behind is the core of the film. In search of basic truths, the film, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS, takes the viewer into the far reaches of underground caves and tombs, and to the tops of desolate mountains on every major continent to show the evidence von Daniken has been collecting. Although this controversial film may provide the answers to age old mysteries, it may be the beginning of an entirely new set of questions.

Capricorn One

Astronauts Charles Brubaker, John Walker and Peter Willis (James Brolin, O.J. Simpson and Sam Waterston are hailed as heroes when they become the first men to be rocketed to Mars. Actually the space travellers are as phony as their mission controller Dr. James Kelloway (Hal Holbrook); to avert a failure that might cost the space program its funding, the Mars-bound vessel has been sent up without a crew, while the helmeted astronauts sit on a movie soundstage, pretending to be in outer space for the benefit of the TV cameras. Unfortunately the Mars ship crashes on arrival, making the astronaut trio thoroughly expendable. Investigative reporter Elliot Gould, who's smelled a rat all along, races against time to prevent NASA from "terminating" the hapless astronauts in order to cover up the conspiracy. Not to be taken seriously for a minute, Capricorn One is a roller-coaster ride of a film, building to an outrageous but exciting conclusion.


the history of the human race and the origins of where we come from can be traced back through efforts in archeology and a careful study of our past. Many of the ancient sites and amazing artifacts still exist show ancient man harnessed technology. How did they gain this knowledge?

The Watchers

Pinlight is delving into the paranormal in this documentary on UFOs, hosted by the expert on the Nephillim, LA Marzulli. One of the leading experts in the field and author of several books on the topic including the most recent Alien Interviews Marzulli looks at the current manifestations of UFO activity worldwide and relates these experiences to what ancient texts say about them, as well as current understanding. There is no doubt that UFOs are here and not going away. What does this mean? What are interdimensional beings? What are Orbs and why are all these things happening now? Has humanity finally become enlightened enough to accept new life forms? This documentary will bring LA Marzulli, a favorite on the wildly popular Coast to Coast AM, into a realistic discussion on UFOs, entities, and actual facts that are surrounding them. The film also continues with an in depth interview with Dr. Roger Leir at his offices. Dr. Leir is known worldwide for his surgical removal and scientific testing of alien implants.

Orbs vs Spacecraft -- Excerpt from "The Watchers"

President Eisenhower Meeting in alien spacecraft

Richard C Hoagland at SECRET SPACE PROGRAM conference April 3 2011 Amsterdam/Holland

Peter Levenda at SECRET SPACE PROGRAM conference April 3 2011 Amsterdam/Holland

Richard Dolan at SECRET SPACE PROGRAM conference April 3 2011 Amsterdam/Holland

Timothy Good at SECRET SPACE PROGRAM conference April 3 2011 Amsterdam/Holland

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2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

Computers are getting faster. Everybody knows that. Also, computers are getting faster faster — that is, the rate at which they're getting faster is increasing.

True? True.

So if computers are getting so much faster, so incredibly fast, there might conceivably come a moment when they are capable of something comparable to human intelligence. Artificial intelligence. All that horsepower could be put in the service of emulating whatever it is our brains are doing when they create consciousness — not just doing arithmetic very quickly or composing piano music but also driving cars, writing books, making ethical decisions, appreciating fancy paintings, making witty observations at cocktail parties.

If you can swallow that idea, and Kurzweil and a lot of other very smart people can, then all bets are off. From that point on, there's no reason to think computers would stop getting more powerful. They would keep on developing until they were far more intelligent than we are. Their rate of development would also continue to increase, because they would take over their own development from their slower-thinking human creators. Imagine a computer scientist that was itself a super-intelligent computer. It would work incredibly quickly. It could draw on huge amounts of data effortlessly. It wouldn't even take breaks to play Farmville.

Probably. It's impossible to predict the behavior of these smarter-than-human intelligences with which (with whom?) we might one day share the planet, because if you could, you'd be as smart as they would be. But there are a lot of theories about it. Maybe we'll merge with them to become super-intelligent cyborgs, using computers to extend our intellectual abilities the same way that cars and planes extend our physical abilities. Maybe the artificial intelligences will help us treat the effects of old age and prolong our life spans indefinitely. Maybe we'll scan our consciousnesses into computers and live inside them as software, forever, virtually. Maybe the computers will turn on humanity and annihilate us. The one thing all these theories have in common is the transformation of our species into something that is no longer recognizable as such to humanity circa 2011. This transformation has a name: the Singularity.
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Huge New Planet (Brown Dwarf?) Discovered in Our Solar System - Tyche Echoes of Planet X or "Nibiru"


Largest planet in the solar system could be about to be discovered - and it's up to four times the size of Jupiter

Scientists believe they may have found a new planet in the far reaches of the solar system, up to four times the mass of Jupiter.

Its orbit would be thousands of times further from the Sun than the Earth's - which could explain why it has so far remained undiscovered.
Data which could prove the existence of Tyche, a gas giant in the outer Oort Cloud, is set to be released later this year - although some believe proof has already been garnered by Nasa with its pace telescope, Wise, and is waiting to be pored over.

He and Prof Matese first suggested Tyche existed because of the angle comets were arriving, with a fifth of the expected number since 1898 entering higher than expected.

However, Tyche - if it exists - should also dislodge comets closer to home, from the inner Oort Cloud, but they have not been seen.

If confirmed, the status and name of the new planet - which would become the ninth and potentially the largest - would then have to be agreed by the International Astronomical Union.

Currently named Tyche, from the Greek goddess that governed the destiny of a city, its name may have to change, as it originated from a theory which has now been largely abandoned.

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Headlines - Plan Asinine from Outer Space

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Raelian Resurrection

The Raelian scientific offshoot, Clone-aid, claims to have cloned the first human baby from a Dutch Lesbian

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Obama Takes On Bankers

Daily Show: (Two) One Year Anniversary of Lehman Brothers Collapse

Daily Show: Bee - Future Shock - Roombas of Doom

Daily Show: Bee - Future Shock - Robots

Samantha Bee looks at the ways in which the human body is getting closer to perfection.

Daily Show: Black - Back in Black - Advertising

Hewlett-Packard pays to get its logo in a Jessica Simpson video, USAir sells ad space on its air sickness bags and CBS advertises on eggshells.

Daily Show: Black - Back in Black - Angry Outbursts

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Watson Competes on Jeopardy

"Jeopardy" lets computers play now that they have run out of qualified human contestants. lol

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart The Biggest Newser

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart The Biggest Newser

CNN anchors show what's popular on Twitter, run YouTube videos and ask viewers to choose the news.

Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case (Original)

***ressurecting the dawg***

Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On

Raekwon "Shaolin vs WuTang"

Dedroidify : Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising online

from dedroidify (also check out the scribd link - read the full book here over at dedroidify
Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising is a guidebook to the exploration of various reality tunnels, breaking through the current one and opening our minds to a whole new world.

A a guide book of "how to get from here to there", an amalgam of Timothy Leary's 8-circuit model of consciousness, Gurdjieff's self-observation exercises, Alfred Korzybski's general semantics, Aleister Crowley's magical theorems, Sociobiology, Yoga, Christian Science, relativity, and quantum mechanics amongst other approaches to understanding the world around us. It claims to be a short book (nearly 300 pages) about how the human mind works and how to get the most use from one. Wilson describes it as an "owner's manual for the human brain".
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Brian Posehn w/ Jamie Jasta The Gambler Kenny Rogers Cover

Transformers: The Score - Arrival To Earth

i wonder how long its gonna take from now untill nasa·s r2 robot is gonna learn how to duplicate the movie transformers ;p _/_

Soopafly - Like It Or Not

From Death Row's 1999 release "Chronic 2000: Still Smokin'", this video is a small parody of the Matrix, which was also released around the same time. Soopafly, who is part of Snoop Dogg's Dogg Pound, was one of the last remaining original members still signed to Death Row Records before the label was siezed by the government. The video only graced music television channels a handful of times, even while being re-released on Soopafly's independent solo album "Dat Whoopty Woop

Jimmy Carter wanted to reform Marijuana laws

Comedy Central - Snoop Dogg Weed Crib

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