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Hey Curb Kid

The ET Ticket The Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Political Action Committee & Roswell 60th anniversary

Stephen Bassett of X-PPAC (Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee) speaks on Fox & Friends on the 60th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident. The purpose of the interview is who Stephen Bassett and X-PPAC thinks would be the best possible candidates who will finally disclose the fact that the government knows about the extraterrestrial beings visiting this planet.

Dr. Michio Kaku describes three types of aliens

Dr. Michio Kaku describes three types of aliens

Robonaut R2 Mission to the International Space Station

from http://robonaut.jsc.nasa.gov/iss/
NASA will launch the first human-like robot to space to become a permanent resident of the International Space Station. Robonaut 2, or R2, was developed jointly by NASA and General Motors under a cooperative agreement to develop a robotic assistant that can work alongside humans, whether they are astronauts in space or workers at GM manufacturing plants on Earth.
This project exemplifies the promise that a future generation of robots can have both in space and on Earth, not as replacements for humans but as companions that can carry out key supporting roles," said John Olson, director of NASA's Exploration Systems Integration Office at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "The combined potential of humans and robots is a perfect example of the sum equaling more than the parts. It will allow us to go farther and achieve more than we can probably even imagine today
The dexterous robot not only looks like a human but also is designed to work like one. With human-like hands and arms, R2 is able to use the same tools station crew members use. In the future, the greatest benefits of humanoid robots in space may be as assistants or stand-in for astronauts during spacewalks or for tasks too difficult or dangerous for humans. For now, R2 is still a prototype and does not have adequate protection needed to exist outside the space station in the extreme temperatures of space.

read more here: http://robonaut.jsc.nasa.gov/iss/

check out how this things hands work

Robonaut 2 ready for ISS

Robonaut STS-133 Trailer

Right in the jewels Duke Nukem Forever official trailer HD

Mike Doughty - Rising Up

Mike Doughty - Rising Up

Katt WIlliams Hustle

Katt WIlliams Hustle

You can meet the alien. - Terence McKenna

You can meet the alien. - Terence McKenna

Upcoming alien & ufo movie trailers roundup for 2011 Battle los angeles, paul, cowboys & aliens, mars needs moms

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer 3 (2011) HD

Battle: Los Angeles - Trailer 2 HD 1080p

Battle: Los Angeles - Official Movie Trailer #1 | HD

Paul International Movie Trailer 2 Official (HD)

Cowboys and Aliens trailer with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig

Mars Needs Moms - Official Trailer [HD]

Eddie Griffin: Aliens & Michael Jackson

Dedroidify Terence McKenna and artificial intelligence

"This is a medium so permeating, so inclusive of what we are, that its agenda, in a sense, supervenes the agenda of organic evolution and organic biology."

(Once again, tip of the hat to Dedroidify.)

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