A Tribe Called Quest - Mind Power

A Tribe Called Quest ft Fugees & Busta Rhymes - Rumble in the Jungle

Christina Aguilera’s Bionic Mindcontrol & One Eye Illuminati symbolism

Christina as a programmable robot (reference to mind control) and the now inevitable focus on one eye hidden in plain sight.
Not Myself Tonight is simply a continuation of the Illuminati agenda through another artist, & therefore exploits its trademark themes such as mind control, transhumanism, occult initiation and so forth

Futuristic Mega Structures : Luna Ring’s, Mega-City Pyramid,Space Hotel

Shimizu Corporation, a Japanese construction firm has developed a series of futuristic architectural plans for the world of tomorrow. Here is a preview of seven mega-projects that could reshape life on (and off) Earth in the near future.

1. Luna Ring
Shimizu has a plan for the Luna Ring, a project that wants to transform the Moon into a huge solar power plant

Luna Ring’s 11,000-kilometer (6,800-mile) “solar belt” around the moon

Electricity collected by the Luna Ring’s hue “solar belt” is rewired to power conversion facilities on the near side of the Moon. Overthere, the electricity converts into powerful microwaves and lasers, which are beamed at Earth. Terrestrial power stations receive the energy beams and convert them back to electricity

Luna Ring sends power to energy-eating Earth

The solar power plant is built mainly using lunar resources. Moon rocks and dust are used to manufacture building materials such as cement, bricks and glass fibers. Water is produced through a chemical process involving lunar soil and hydrogen.

Large machinery and equipment from Earth is assembled in space and landed on the lunar surface for installation. Much of the construction is performed by robots controlled by people on Earth, and a team of human astronauts is stationed on the Moon to supervise the robot operations. [More]

2. Mega-City Pyramid
The Mega-City Pyramid
The skyscrapers within the Mega-City Pyramid are home to residences, offices, research institutions, shopping and entertainment centers, and other facilities. The connecting shafts, which measure from 10 to 16 meters (30 to 50 ft) in diameter, contain the city’s plumbing, electrical and communication systems, as well as a network of trains, escalators and moving walkways.

Extreme Engineering - S01E04 Part1/5 - City in a pyramid

3. Space Hotel
Shimizu·s plans for a space hotel in low-Earth orbit.

The hotel — which is powered entirely by solar energy — features a microgravity recreational area where guests can enjoy sports, dining, and gazing at the Earth and stars. The 64 guest rooms and 40 staff rooms are situated in a ring measuring 140 meters (460 ft) in diameter. The ring rotates at a speed of 3 rpm to produce an artificial gravity of 0.7 g in the rooms. A 240-meter (790-ft) elevator shaft connects the hotel facilities with the docking port [More]

More futuristic plans by Shimizu over here futuristic-mega-projects-by-shimizu/

Rushkoff And Pinchbeck Dialogue Post-Modern Prophecy: Urgent Myths for Urgent Times

I was checkin out dedroidify vids again and found this dialogue between Daniel Rushkoff and Pinchbeck about Prophecy: Urgent Myths for Urgent Times verry illuminating
(Its a 4 part discussion of each vid approx 30min)
Here·s the first part:

second part

3rd part

4th and last part
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