2012 Time for Change Presents: Daniel Pinchbeck interviews Joe Rogan

2012 Time for Change Presents: Daniel Pinchbeck interviews Joe Rogan

In this interview, Joe Rogan discusses his experiences with DMT and sensory deprivation flotation tanks, while sharing thoughts about 2012 and predictions for the near future. This is the first in a series called "2012: Time for Change Presents", which will feature celebrities and luminaries talking about conscious evolution and practical solutions.

Futuristic visions of the future

Future bumper stickers

Home robotics medical unit

Clone reunions tend to all be alike

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From the Moon to Mars - The New Economics

The colonization of the Moon and Mars will force us to redefine economics as the science of physical economy, and will represent the first steps in the colonization of the entire Solar System

LPACTV: From the Moon to Mars - The New Economics

Japan plans robotic moon base by 2020

Japan's space agency has unveiled plans to put a base on the moon by 2020 built and populated by robots.
The $2 billion project will be solar powered and surveys of the lunar surface will begin in 2015.
These ARE the droids we've been looking for. The Japanese space agency, JAXA, has plans to build a base on the Moon by 2020. Not for humans, but for robots, and built by robots, too.
A panel authorized by Japan's prime minister has drawn up preliminary plans of how humanoid and rover robots will begin surveying the moon by 2015, and then begin construction of a base near the south pole of the moon. The robots and the base will run on solar power, with total costs about $2.2 billion USD, according to the panel chaired by Waseda University President Katsuhiko Shirai.
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The Base Race: An Introduction to Moon Colonization, 2004-2030

The Base Race: An Introduction to Moon Colonization, 2004-2030

Project M: NASA planning to send "robonaut" to the moon within 3 years

NASA have revealed plans to send a humanoid robot to walk on the surface of the moon within 3 years.
The robot would travel to the moon in a small lander, emerge and then walk around on the surface performing a series of tasks and experiments. The plans are currently being referred to as "Project M

Future Plans
Project M is a proposed project to land an operational humanoid robot on the moon in 1000 days (M is the Roman numeral for 1000). The humanoid will travel to the moon on a small lander fueled by green propellants, liquid methane and liquid oxygen. It will perform a precision, autonomous landing, avoiding any hazards or obstacles on the surface. Upon landing the robot will deploy and walk on the surface performing a multitude of tasks focused on demonstrating engineering tasks such as maintenance and construction; performing science of opportunity (i.e. using existing sensors on the robot or small science instruments); and simple student experiments.
The mission is about inspiration, streamlining agency practices and processes and using unconventional partnerships, and building a workforce and demonstrating technologies to enable the continuation of human exploration beyond low earth orbit.

NASA JSC Project M

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George Carlin - The game is rigged

George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America"
Theres a reason
theres a reason for this
theres a reason education sucks
and its the same reason that will never ever ever ever ever.... be fixed
its never gonna get any better
dont look forward to it
be happy with what you got
becuz the ownerz of this country (any country) dont want that
and I am talking about the real ownerz now
the big & wealthy bussinesses that control things and that make all the important decisions
Forget the poli-tic-icans, they are irrelivant
the poli-tic-ians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice
you dont
you have no choice
you have owners, they own you
they own everything
they own all the important land, they control all the corperations,the senate, the congress,
the city halls they got the judges in their backpockets
and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and the information
you will get to hear
they got you by the balls
they spend billion of dollars on lobying every year to get what they want
when we know what they want, they want more for themselves and less for everybody else
but i will tell you what they dont want
they dont want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking
they dont want well informed
well educated people capable of critical thinking

you know what
they dont want people who are smart enough sitting around the kitchen table who figure out
how badly they are being f*cked by the system that threw them overboard 30 f*cking years ago
they dont want that
you know what they want
they want obediant workers
obediant workers
people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and who are just to dumb
enough to accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay the longer the hours, to reduce benifits
to, the end of overtime,
and the vanishing pension that dissappears the minute you are going to collect it
and now they are coming for your social security money
they want your f*cking retirement money
they want it back
so that they can give it to their criminal friends on wallstreet (bailout)
you know something
they will get it all
sooner or later
becuz the own this f*cking place
its a big club ( freemasons, etc, ..)
and you aint in it
you and I are not in the big club
btw its the same club that used to beat you over the head all day long
they tell you what to believe
what to think
and what to buy
the table is tilted folks
and nobody seems to notice
nobody seems to care
good honest hard working people continue to elect those rich c*cks*ckers that dont give a f*ck
about them
they dont give a f*ck about you
they dont care about you at all, at all, at all

George Carlin talks about the ruling class

George Carlin on Our Similarities

from 0.14 min to 1.31 min

I d like to talk about the things that brings us together.
Things that point out our similarities instead of our differences
cuz thats all you wiññ be hearing about in this country are diffences,
that all the media, the poli -tic- icans are talking about , the things
that seperate us, things that make us different from one another.
Thats the way the ruling class operates in any society.
They try to divide the rest of the people;
they keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other;
so that they, the rich, can run off with all the f*cking money (bailout),
fairly simple thing happens to work.
You know anything different thats what they gonna talk about:
race, religion, etnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status
sexuality, anything that they can do to keep us fighting with eachother,
so that they can keep goin to the bank.
You know how I describe the economic and social classes in this country :
the upperclass keeps all of the money pays none of the taxes
the middleclass pays all of the taxes and does all of the work
the poor are there to just to scare the shit out of the middleclass, to keep em showin up at those jobs
SO stirrin up the shit is something Id like to do from time to time

2012 - Consciousness is the key

2012 - Consciousness is the key

The History of Weed

The History of Weed part I

The History of Weed part II

Doug Stanhope on Freedom

Doug Stanhope on Freedom

Bill Hicks - UFOs

Bill Hicks - UFOs

The clip from Relentless in which Bill talks about UFOs

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