Star Wars : The old Republic trailer

Star Wars : The old Republic trailer

Star Trek Nem-ISIS (nemesis): A generation·s final journey begins :Pi Card vs Shi-zon(e) & the number 27

It all begins with the first chapter called "conspiracy" and the illuminati eye in triangle hidden in plain sight(the 2 triangle shaped chapter icons as an eye with the body (the middlepart) of the enterprise as the pyramid)

JC Pi -Card

p:You are not as we imagined you

(as above so below (?) ; the two stairs)

p: Perhaps its time to add some illumination to our discussion


Startrek VI handles mainly about the batlle between:

Cpt. Jean-Luc (JC reference)PI-card



where as PI-card referring to pi

Shizon(e) reffering to the zone of tchi

sacred geometry (?) & escapin the matrix; stargate


Isis (Ancient Greek: Ἶσις) was a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, whose worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world. She was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the matron of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, the downtrodden, as well as listening to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.[1] Isis is the Goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility.

The goddess Isis (the mother of Horus) was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, the goddess of the Overarching Sky, and was born on the fourth intercalary day. At some time Isis and Hathor had the same headdress. In later myths about Isis, she had a brother, Osiris, who became her husband, and she then was said to have conceived Horus. Isis was instrumental in the resurrection of Osiris when he was murdered by Set. Her magical skills restored his body to life after she gathered the body parts that had been strewn about the earth by Set.[2] This myth became very important in later Egyptian religious beliefs.

The number 27, like many other number such as 23, or 13, is one which has a following of people who enjoy spotting the number in life and movies. It is already connected to highly esoteric number 72 due to the simple switching of the digits. 27 is probably most popular due to the unfortunate membership of many artists in the "Forever 27 Club." The 27 Club refers to artist who have dies at age 27, of which there are several prominent names such as Hendrix, Joplin and Cobain. The age of 27 is called the Return of Saturn as it is from 27 to 30 years old where the planet saturn has made one full trip around the sun since a persons birth. This happens again at ages 58-60 and again at 86-88.
Star Trek: nemesis (2003): Captain Pickard says "I have defeated 27 life forms"

Strange Signs

Via Darkstar blogspot

Derren Brown presents the 3D Magic Spectacular

Here·s a preview of Derren Brown in 3D (you will need 3d glasses to view in 3D ;) )

Derren Brown Presents the 3-D Magic Spectacular features some of the world's greatest, funniest and most shocking magicians performing magic in stunning 3D. With Derren as host, some of Britain's leading performers dazzle the audience with incredible trickery, and amazing archive footage features performances of some of the world's greatest magic tricks.

Derren Brown Presents the 3D Magic Spectacular intro

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