Next world: Future life on earth

Future life on earth unveils technologies that will usher in a whole new way of life; we will be
living in floating cities, teleport to work and travel the world with a push of a button.
looks a bit like jacques frescos ideas from future by design
full documentary over here:

Life extended

Life extended
2 bad there isnt any video or trailer available about this docu bout extending your life.
The main thing is to stay alive forever, and some think we will in the near future by slowing down
and reversing aging

checkout the official link over here:
Life extended
"Life Extended" continues Bigert & Bergström's exploration of human striving to control life and death. In this film we meet the gerontologist who believes we will be immortal in the near future, the architects who construct spaces to slow down the ageing process, the monk who runs for a 1000 days in order to strengthen his spirit for it's immortal journey"

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