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Alan Watt Cutting through the matrix

Alan Watt Cutting through the matrix 1/3

Alan Watt Cutting through the matrix 2/3

Alan Watt Cutting through the matrix 3/3

Master of Disguise: Illuminati eye in triangle & mantra

Nice comedy movie with Dana Carvey and lots of illuminati eyes in triangle
Master of Disguise=Shapeshifting

The movie starts with a flyby over 2 books with an image of an illuminati eye in triangle
Notice the book in the left corner

From the movie: Many centuries ago, a remarkable family began to practice the magical art of digsuise. Down through the ages they worked in secret, protecting the world from evil This is their story:

masonic checkerboard floor

Lets flash you with another illuminati eye in triangle for the next part
They keep flashin this symbol loads of time when they change scenes in the movie

They eye on the old mans bathrobe

The disguises way; book with illuminati eye again

Really? two eyes in one scene
Meet Devlin bowmen, kind of weird name I think

From the movie: It is time for you to learn about the invisable energy field, that bounds all disguises beyond and present it is
called: ENERGICO
When you learn how to tap into energico you will be able to access words, skills, ideas, that you never dreamed where
You can think like another person, you will be able to act like another person, to feel like another person,
you will become: ANOTHER PERSON!
You must repeat the mantra : Become another person

Masonic symbol upside down in the background in the red glass in the middle

The symbol on the right is the symbol of infinity
Sun (left) and Illuminati eye in triangle ball

An illuminating eye in the sky

Michael Jackson - Leave Me alone

Michael Jackson - Leave Me alone

Stargate SG1: Children of the Gods trailer

Crop Circles Decoded?

Via Dedroidify

9/11's Pentagon Pyramid and the Martian Stargate (Part 3 of 3)

In Part 1 we learned about and investigated synchromysticly the claim that George W. Bush is Aleister Crowley's grand-son. The few of you who bravely weathered that speculation were challenged yet again in Part 2 where connections between dynastic secret society family Bush, Pyramids/The Sphinx/Horus and 9/11 were suggested. Now that I have shaken off those with rigid belief systems or 'squares', the handful of us left can 'go the whole hog' and head for space. There is a disturbing trend on the net of making fun of those who would dare connect 9/11 to aliens. Would-be hecklers get ready, this one's for you...

Via thebravenewworldorder.blogspot.com

Lara Croft Tombraider : Illuminati all seeing eye in triangle and 2012 planetary alignment

The illuminati eye in the triangle is all over the place in this movie as well as the 2012 planetary alignment; here are some excerpts:

a: the first day of the planetary alignment and we are still no near it the discovery of the key
It seems we are running out of time, this is not acceptable
Mr Powel , your explanation plz
b: I have no explanation
Except to ones again respectfully remind the council that were are working from clues based on ancient
cosmological models, predating Aristotle, but I am happy to pronounce that we are almost ready and I am
supremly confident that we will have our answer in time for the relevant planetary alignment

a: So we will have possesion of the key in one week

b: yes indeed
a: But remember we have only a single opportunity to retrieve the two halfs of the triangle, and if we fail, we must
wait another 5000 years
(Illuminati all seeing eye in triangle)

Lara: My father would have loved to see this
Tonight planet Pluto and Neptune align with Uranus
its the first stage of the alignment of 9 planets going into full solar eclipse

Lara·s dad: The exact alignment of the planets activates the triangle, only occurs once every 5000 years

c: What is that?
Lara: The all seeing eye
d: Lara, this is unique object
Lara: It glows, like the eyes, but it seems to getting brighter,and its also running backwards
Like its not so much keeping time, btu counting down to something
And look at the back, it looks like it fits to something, almost like a key

d: yes beautiful
LAra: My father once told my about the magical triangle stamped with the all seeing eye
He said it gave his possesor extraordinary power, the power to control time
He called it the triangle of light, have you heard of it?
d: No I haven·t
I can·t help you Lara, this clock is truly a mystery

(takes knife and cuts the back open with a hidden letter from her dad)

Dads Letter: The clock is the key Lare. It will unlock the hiding place of 2 pieces of a secret icon, the triangle of light

This is no bedtime story.
The triangle was made from metal found in the crater of a meteor of the alignment of the previous alignment of the
9 planets
The people of the light build a great city in this crater where they worshipped the triangle·s ability to control

It gave it·s possessor a power that could be used for good or evil
Abuse of this power lead to the destruction of the city.

They split the triangle into 2 pieces and hid them at opposite ends of the earth

Lara do you remember that yasmin only grows along the ancient trail in Cambodja, find that and you will
have found the entrance to the tomb of the dancing light, where the first half of the triangle is hidden.
You must be there at the exact moment of the second phase of the planetary alignment.
As the planets turn into alignment the world will be in great danger.
For the secret societies be known as the Illuminati, devious, dangerous men will seek to fullfill an ancient
prophecy be reuniting the two halfs and release the triangle awesome and terrible powers.
This you must prevent at all costs
So lara find and destroy both halfs of the triangle

a: We have 72 minutes to the next alignment , we have to work fastera: Remember what we are looking for is not only hidden in space, but also in time, the clock is the key

a: We place the clock here at the exact time of the alignment
Sun Symbolism

(Illuminati eye in triangle on the floor)

a: 60 seconds to go
a: countdown: 5,4,3,2,1,..

(Energy fills around the triangle in the floor)

(some monk meditating)

Lara: You are with the illuminati
a. There is no such thing, its just a bedtime story
Lara throws knife in triangle

lara: Illuminati!

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