Big Brother·s all seeing illuminati eye

The rooftop from the house with the eye beneaths it looks like an illuminati eye in a triangle, anyone?! :p

The logo is from the new crappy bb show wich I do NOT watch at all ;)

DC Shoes Hoops Commercial

DC Shoes Hoops Commercial

SLamball Dunkcontest

Slamball's greatest athletes compete in a high flying dunk contest

Terence McKenna on McLuhan

Media=Drugs by Terrence Mckenna

Terence McKenna on McLuhan

Terence McKenna - Free Your Mind

An inspiring snippet from philospher, innerspace explorer and genius mind Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna - Free Your Mind (Spinning Fish version)

Naruto Shippuden 001 - Homecoming & the first keyword Shi

a: I am 145 cm tall
b: But i am 166 cm tall. I have grown quiet a bit in comparison

b: what?
a: What should I say
a: I have become really cool!
b: Did I used to really be like that?
a: Hey do I have any new techniques?

b: That·s you know , a surprise for the next part!

b: More importantly, we have to announce the present keyword

a&b together: The first keyword is Shi!

From the Chinese dictionary:
Shi(tone 4) from "one" and "ten," with a general meaning of a scholar or gentleman (an educated person). Shi-lin, the "forest" of the shi, is the "intelligentsia" or "literatti." Shidaifu is a "scholar offical" A man of proper principles, great ability and good character. Before the Han dynasty (ca. 200BC - 200 AD), a member of the military aristocracy; after Han, includes broader meanings of scholar and bureaucrat. Much more than a mere soldier or fighter.

Wu-shi means "knight" or "warrior" or "samurai."
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