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Alberto Contador ·s double V victory sign symbolism & the double 6 Qlippoth

Contadors double v victory sign on champs elysees at the Tour de France 2009

The Subliminal Symbolism of the Alphabet

this 2nd set of 13 letters is primarily concerned with the death aspects of this 3d experience. right from the 1st letter n to the last letter z we have death and war written all over this group of sigil magic forms.

V: v. this is letter is sort of like the thumbs down signal from the roman emporer, as he decided to have the loser killed, or spared, in the forum. v is venom - vegas - vengeance - venerate - veil - venus - vehement - virgin - vagina - vex and so on. it comes to us with a little shroud of secrecy, in that it can be pronounced vay, as in the letter w, (double u), which is a duble vey, or double v. the letter v is just another form of the letter y, with almost the same shape, only more attack and killing oriented, than the letter y. both of these letters have the eye sound subliminal, but one refers to the penta, 5 pointed institutions of death, and one refers to the outright attack manifested through the veil of sex, blood and war. sometimes referred to as love.

W: double your pleasure, double your fun w, like the letter m, is 3 triangles interlocking. this is the mother, father and son trinity of religious thought. only now it is mirrored or inverted. 2 of the triangles are coming from above and one from below. when you combine the v, which is situated right next to the w - or double v - there is an area of the alphabet where the manipulation factor kicks into overdrive.
Worshipful master as used in freemasonry. w from worshipful and m from master are mirror images of each other. when you hear these words together there is a sense of awe and wonder.

UVWXYZ - you v-eye double you hex w-eye see, you (u) are the vessel (v) the winged (w) spirit will attempt to extinguish (x)

Tnx to Dedroidfiy for the hard work on Language = Subliminal Symbolism
Language = Subliminal Symbolism (Illuminatimatrix)

I few days ago I watched Freeman - Obama, Cloning and the Sorcerers of Atlantis and found this quiet interesting too about the double v :

Qlippoth, Hebrew, "shells, husks," is a term in the Kabbalah tradition means "Lords of Unbalanced Powers" referring to demonic entities from a former universe who survived in the present one. The Qlippoth are the subject of a vast but uncertain demonological lore, which originated from Jewish sources but also was barrowed or came from other sources, and parts expounded upon by later occultist theorists. As with Kabbalah, Qlippoth has several English spellings, a common one is Kelippoth.

According to Kabbalistic texts, the Qlippoth originated as ruling powers in a universe that existed prior to the current one. It was a realm of unbalanced force that was destroyed during the early stages of the creation of the cosmos. Prior to the writings of Isaac Luria, the Qlippoth were sometimes described in Neoplatonism terms as the last link in the chain of emanation, the furthest thing from God that still possessed enough divine power to maintain existence. In other metaphorical writings the Qlippoth are described as the dying bark on the Tree of Life, similar to actual decaying bark, or the dregs of wine, excrement.

Frequently Kabbalistic writings suggest that evil is simply the manifestation of the Sephirah Geburah (Severity) taken too far and separated from its proper balancing power of Chesed. The sense of the Qlippoth being a natural part of existence reaches its zenith in the Zoharic comment that everything is a "shell" or "husk" when seen from a higher level of existence, and the kernel in the shell when seen from a lower one.

The teachings of Isaac Luria give a radically different description of the Qlippoth. This is encompassed in Laria's description of the Kabbalah; the orderly creation process was interrupted by disaster. The vessels that were meant to contain the seven Sephiroth from Chesed to Malkuth were inadequate, and shattered in the face of the descending current of creative light. From the shards of these vessels, brought to life by sparks of divine light still caught within them, the Qlippoth came into being. The rescue of the sparks of light from the Kingdom of Shells is the great theme of Luria's Kabbalah and is very similar to the Gnostic theology.

The Qlippoth completely compose the Sitra Achra or "Other Side" the realm of demons. Kabbalah literature describes this demonic realm in great detail; both the school of Burgos in the early Spanish Kabbalah, and the successors of Luria, were active in Kabbalistic demonology.

The ten best known orders of Qlippoth, meaning negative power, correspond to the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. The corresponding Qlippoth to their respective Sephiroth can be seen in the illustration of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah article. Every Qlippoth have separate characteristics and attributions.

Qlippoth Orders



demonic powers seeking to destroy the unity of God

spreading Confusion of the Power of God

work to conceal the perfection of God

seek to destroy or devour the substance and thought of creation

attempt to destroy, or burn, these powers as well as what is ruled

demonic powers causing ugliness and groaning

A'arab Tzereq
the raw, emotional energy with which to overcome obstacles

represents the complete desolation of a fallen or failed creation

the realm of polluted images that produce vile results

representing all of the worldly pleasures

The Grand Deception

Shingu : Secret of the Stellar Wars

An alien invasion of Tokyo is repelled by a mysterious giant being which is almost a monster in itself. This battle is witnessed by Subaru Muryou and his grandfather who comment about it and watch it as if this is nothing to be surprised or shocked about, even though everyone else seems panicked.

Later, a middle schooler named Murata Hajime witnesses Muryou using some sort of super psychic power in a battle with a student council member, Moriguchi Kyoichi.

This leads him to the stunning discovery that almost everyone in the school seems to know about the giant the news reported defeating the alien over Tokyo. Further to his shock it seems everyone in the older part of the small town he moved to holds this strange secret and in fact a deeper one, and has been holding it for many years.

This secret is that many of the leading families for centuries have been using their powers, and the power of the giant called "Shingu" to protect Earth.

As Hajime learns this it comes as somewhat of a shock to him that all of the current members of the middle school student council are actually the guardians of this secret and of Shingu itself for this generation. While all of these discoveries were a huge enough shock to him, Hajime also discovers that many of the town's residents are in fact intergalactic diplomats. The more he learns and the closer his friendship with Muryou, Nayuta and the other members of the student council becomes the deeper he is drawn into this open secret. Especially as his friendship with the Nayuta and Muryou grows deeper, Hajime slowly begins to realize he has a very large role to play in the future of Earth, and its protection.

quantum teleport

Some aliens attacking 2 pyramids

Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars - Trailer

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