Street Fighter _ The legend of Chun Li

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
is a film and the second live-action film based on the Street Fighter series of video games. It follows the quest of Street Fighter character Chun-Li, who is portrayed by Smallville star Kristin Kreuk.[1] The story follows Chun-Li's personal history and her journey for justice.[2] The film co-stars Neal McDonough as M. Bison, Chris Klein as Charlie, Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog, and Black Eyed Peas member Taboo as Vega

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Chun Li meditating

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Trailer 2009 HD

Voices of a Distant Star (Anime/ADV FILMS) 2003

A middle-school girl named Mikako Nagamine is drafted to the UN Space Army in a war against a group of aliens called the Tarsians, named after the Martian region (Tharsis) where they were first encountered. As a Special Agent, Mikako pilots a Tracer, a giant robotic mecha as part of a fighting squadron attached to the spacecraft carrier Lysithea.

When the Lysithea leaves Earth to search for the Tarsians with Mikako on board, Mikako's boyfriend Noboru Terao remains behind. The couple continues to communicate across interplanetary, and eventually interstellar space via the email facilities on their mobile phones.

As the Lysithea travels deeper into space, the emails take increasingly longer to reach Noboru on Earth, and the time-lag of their correspondence eventually spans years.

Voices of a Distant Star (Part 1)

Voices of a Distant Star (Part 2)

Voices of a Distant Star (Part 3)

The Subs - From Dusk Till Dawn

The Subs - From Dusk Till Dawn

PROGRAMMING THE NATION - Douglas Rushkoff and Subliminal Ad Montage

A brief clip of our interview with former NYU Professor Douglas Rushkoff, media critic and author of "Media Virus: Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture" and "Coercion: Why We Listen to What THEY Say"...

Light of Peace! + World Peace is within Reach!

Buddhists and peace-lovers from various countries participated in the annual illumination ceremony on Maga Puja Day (the full-moon night of the third lunar month.)

World Peace Is Within Reach.

After the Dhammakaya Cetiya has been completed, it will continue throughout history to be a place where new generations will learn that there once was a group of people who treasured world peace through inner peace by establishing the wonderful Dhammakaya Cetiya for mankind. Be one of those who helps build a symbol for world peace. You will be so proud to have a role in establishing this greatest construction for our world.

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Tnx to Dedroidify + Michael Skaggs from "The Hidden Agendas" to let me flash the zendroid!

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