Demons & Wizards - Path Of Glory

For ages now
I've often faced the fear
It's hard to see
Old memories are clouding my mind
It's beyond this life
I know the secrets are within me
In a world of broken dreams
Depressed and haunting me
No way out
So many times it's hopeless dark and gray
No way out
And other times it's hope that saves the day
Many moments of my life I pray tomorrow
Inner peace will find its way and set me free
There's a light beyond the dark (darkest day)
There's a light beyond this life
And painful memories will all wash away
Painful memories will all wash away
No longer struggle with the fear of
The end and what's beyond
I live a life of loyalty
True to myself and my own
The way out
A sea of life so peaceful and serene
The way out
The path of life lies open wide for me
Come join the path of glory
Leave all your fear behind
Come join the path of glory
Leave all your fear behind
Many moments of my life I pray tomorrow
Come join the path of glory
At last eternal peace will set me free
Come join the path of glory
Leave all your fear behind
Come join the path of glory
Release me set me free

Making Mind Altering Hallucinogens Illegal Is Insane Because We Live In An Insane Society

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Ideas are Toys. The Search for Truth is a Game.
Believe Nothing. Explore Everything.

Disclaimer: All posts are works in progress. I post probabilities, not certainties - I post what I find interesting, not what I "accept".

What is this blog about?
The main focus on this blog is posting articles & videos related to my two most favorite subjects: Consciousness and Conspiracy research. Mainly, it's a source of interesting brainfood and popularizing mind expanding information - including some of my own thoughts (dedroidify label). You may call a lot of it weird, I call it interesting, and consensus reality weird (and boring :p).
This blog sees the world through the eyes of a Model Agnostic, which means I didn't choose a model of reality out of the ones available, wether it be atheist/materialist, religious, new age, pagan or whatever - so I don't dogmatically filter out ANY potentially interesting information & I don't consider assumptions to be unbreakable truth. I find it the most reasonable non-model out there, if you know a more flexible one let me know! ;p
That obviously doesn't mean I don't have opinions which I like sharing, though I consider them much more flexible than any dogma. They are considered catmas: temporary flexible opinions subject to change or re-evaluation after new information is acquired.
Obviously I am human and I will make mistakes, I am here to share as much as I am to learn though so please comment on posts in a respectful manner if you have comments, questions, elaborations or possible corrections. Communication only truly exists between equals (in treatment)!
This blog accompagnies my website, which features over 100 pages on must see consciousness, mystery history and conspiracy related material. The site can't keep up with me though and it's impossible to keep the site evolving along the same pace. But I try to post the most interesting and helpful stuff on there asap. You can't be bored in the dedroidify realm, I mean check out the main site, the vids page, and the archives of this blog, it's freaking huge! :p

Why consciousness AND conspiracy?
Because everything is connected and I find sombunall (some but not all) humans act kind of like droids, robots. With knowledge of psychology, philosophy and mysticism we can de-robotize, 'dedroidify', so we no longer behave like automatons as slaves to our automatic responses that are for a large part conditioned unconscious reflexes. Conditioned by the authorities in the form of the priesthoods, governments and the mainstream media. I think it's time to claim our consciousness for our own, and instead of consuming and reacting what we're being served, to read between the lines of what they're serving us, see possible agendas and most importantly bring our own vision out there through any medium.
"Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently. Stupidity is blockage of this process at any point. Bigotry, ideologies etc. block the ability to receive; robotic reality-tunnels block the ability to decode or integrate new signals; censorship blocks transmission."
Robert Anton Wilson
Believe nothing and explore everything?
Jacque Fresco said when he was young, he explored a lot of the ideological models out there at his time and couldn't understand why people stuck to only one. He said in technology, if you build something, next time you go beyond it!
A study has shown that when liberals & democrats debate, they will ignore whatever evidence does not support their cause and find other arguments to support theirs, brain activity on EEG's lit up mostly in emotional centers (2nd circuit) and nearly no rational thought (3rd circuit) was shown to occur. In the words of the article: "The study pointed to a total lack of reason in political decision-making."

This is not only true for politics. It has to do with beliefs, and ideologies are the modern forms of religions. Belief Systems. BS!
This is divide & conquer in its purest form. I think the time for division is over, and this doesn't mean we all have to conform or anything, start looking at ideologies and religions as a sort of form of art and stop identifying with them so passionately. Ideas are (evolving & not static) toys!
"In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination." Mark Twain
As Terence McKenna said "(sub)culture is your operating system", it is not your friend, it's an impediment to understand what's going on. It's a truth filter and history has shown it has its downsides ;) If we could try to be more conscious about our views and how we communicate it with our language there could be a lot more sanity in this world.

The 8 Circuit Model of Consciousness
is the map or model I find the most useful for Dedroidifying.

A quick summary of the lower 4 circuits & how we allow the authorities to use them over us:
Circuit 1: Physical, Safety, Nourishment - "Terrorism" & other threats ("you need us") , economic slavery and the living standard, health (junk foods, chemicals etc).
Circuit 2: Emotional, Territorial, Belief Systems - Divide & Conquer through religions, politics, and ideologies: the modern form of religions. Which are all passionately & dogmatically defended, not reasonably.
Circuit 3: Rational, Logical, Mapmaking - Propaganda, 'education', mainstream media bs and the power of (negative) suggestion.
Circuit 4: Social, Moral, Sexual - Not thinking for yourself, Guilt, Taboo.

Once we learn how these four states of consciousness operate, we can see our reactions rising and choose wether to act on them or not, thus deconditioning ourselves from what we no longer want to be or do and reprogramming our circuits to be more rational, happy and enlightened humans.

Believing nothing in conspiracy & consciousness
Not only is discarding "belief" healthy in general, because it is emotionally based and not rationally. Assumptions are taken for truth, how could this possibly help us? What the thinker thinks, the prover proves. I find it's absolutely necessary in these 2 fields because Consciousness and conspiracy are too broad and uncertain to believe anything about it. You need to re-search in Conspiracy and you need to experiment in Consciousness, so you know instead of believe. What you saw proven with evidence yesterday, can be disproven with evidence tomorrow. And not just that but the entire heaps of misinformation and disinformation campaigns out there make it just naive to believe anything.
"The datastream is corrupted, return to first principles." Terence McKenna
I feel we learn the most in these two fields by keeping a lot of opinions (of which sombunall may contradict eachother) and thus having the most associations when new ideas present themselves.

A lot of people I know that are into consciousness ask me why I bother with conspiracy
Because from what I've learned humanity has much more potential than is currently being put out or maybe even allowed. We have now entered the global era, and there is little truth to be found in the international mainstream media. By the way I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist (a term demonized by the media), you need a theory for that! When you're just observing, there is no theory is necessary. It's Conspiracy Re-Search. Here is some stuff to think about: The polluting and poisoning of our environment & food. The economic system which causes a great divide between the rich and the poor (How much tax money has gone to banks now?). Where's the freedom in this wage slavery system where you have to work to get money: paper that no longer can be traded in for actual value like gold (and that value was decided by a few humans too) and is now an illusion maintained by us. The leaked seeming future New World Order intentions of a select group of people who want to ensure their status. The fear-based taking of civil liberties through false flag operations that are blamed on terrorists (trained by the governments that use that fear, btw Zbigniew Brzezinski, foreign policy advisor of Obama has boasted in his books and elsewhere he was responsible for the Jihad Movement). The global warming agenda pushed by a slow talking politician using selective data and ignoring solar aspects: I support environmentalism on principle, against pollution - btw pollution by the companies the politicians are affiliated with - not because it's "getting hotter". A sham US (s)election won by Obama, who won against Clinton and McCain, all of whom their voting record showed they are pro-war and anti-civil liberties so no "change" there. The media mostly ignored people who stood for real changes like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, and Ralph Nader. And the twisting of all these disturbing things by the entire western mainstream media makes it not only reasonable to investigate, but necessary.

A lot of people I know that are into conspiracy ask me why I bother with consciousness and reality
Because we ARE conscious :p, take out consciousness and reality and what is left? If you want to master a craft it sure is helpful to master the instrument. So if you want to master life, wouldn't it be necessary to master consciousness? I've found that learning a lot about psychology, philosophy and mysticism has helped me a lot personally and socially. It's like you read different versions of operating manuals for your mind. There's a lot more to this reality than what we see with our eyes and I find exploring that fascinating. See the 8 Circuits page for an interesting start. I think if kids were in moderation helped with their internal thought processes, psychology, memory, meditation, our collective progress could skyrocket.

More on consciousness and belief systems:
"The materialist fundamentalists are funnier than the Christian fundamentalists, because they think they're rational!" Robert Anton Wilson
Sombunall (some but not all) materialists/atheists (I used to be one :p) feel sort of like they are more rational than religious people, and vice versa sombunall religious people think they hold the only truth. Not quite so though, sombunall atheists and/or materialists are just as fundamentalist - but then materialist - as religious people, instead of just rational thinkers.

There is enough evidence to show that reality is much stranger than materialism allows for. (DMT = three letters that should suffice for this argument). Sombunall materialists don't realize that what they "believe" was handed down to them with a spoon just as religious people got their beliefs. As Ginsberg Said:
"Recent history is the record of one vast conspiracy to impose one level of mechanical consciousness on mankind." Allen Ginsberg
And what has it done, well it has brought us a significant amount more reason, that is true, perhaps it was a necessary stepping stone to get away from dogmatic religions, however wouldn't it be a shame if we changed to dogmatic materialists?
And where are the ethics? An overly materialist population allows its government to go to war just as much as a religious one after some media & government manipulation.
Sombunall materialists also like to call themselves "skeptics". But they're not really, they're only skeptical of what doesn't fit their belief system. That's not skepticism is it? I mean a leading man in the skeptic movement is Michael Shermer, a former fundamentalist christian who just shifted Belief Systems to a fundamentalist materialist. It's funny to see the denial & reactionism to the former BS in action!

Here is a page from on science and what a lot of people don't know about it.
Don't get me wrong though, I am for the scientific method, I am a skeptic, but reason & science are not always the same. And objectivity in consciousness research isn't always possible, simply because of the subjective nature of consciousness. Does that mean however that consciousness shouldn't be investigated? I don't think so.
A lot of science is biased from the get go, or suppressed, or bought, or declared pseudo-science, or hailed as the new consensus while it's data is faulty. Thus science needs to evolve as well if we are to consider what it brings "truth".
"What the thinker thinks, the prover proves." Leonard Orr
BS, my opinions on this blog & catmas.
Catmas are relative metabeliefs, dogma are rigid beliefs! So go catma for sanity ;)
I feel exposing Belief Systems (BS) is one of the most vital concepts that humanity needs to learn more about to achieve a global era of peace, cooperation and enlightenment.
As I said I used to be an atheist materialist, spoonfed by my parents. I even went to a catholic high school for a while which was hilarious. Now like Robert Anton Wilson I call myself a "model agnostic" which means I don't prefer one map of reality over another but use an all-inclusive map to make the most sense of reality, it means you have flexible opinions and not rigid beliefs. You can select your reality at any time so to speak. Yes my "Opinion System" was handed down with a spoon by RAW, but it's a healthy flexible one ;p I have opinions, and some of them are strong opinions that I express on this blog, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to evidence or ideas that don't support my seeming viewpoint at that time, in fact, I would love it if you contacted me (politely) whenever you disagreed and provide me with some illustration of your point of view. We can only learn more! And don't get me wrong, I respect any belief system and love ideas and models in general, I see them as a form of art, but there's no need to get violently passionate about them or dogmatically ignoring reasonable evidence because they contradict your current limited world view. Evolving beyond BS! It could bring humanity together.

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Astronauts on the space station have their own version of the "Star Trek" tricorder to search for signs of life, whether that life is from Earth or of extraterrestrial origin at least if it's life as we know it. The real device appears to be similar in size and basic purpose to the one in the new movie, which opens Friday in the United States.

The handheld device acts as a miniature biology lab that allows space station residents to get results on a display screen within 15 minutes, after swabbing whatever surface they care to sample and mixing the swabbed material with liquid.

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The idea, backed up by calculations made by physicist Gerald Cleaver and graduate student Richard Orbousy, both of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, was published online on the physics website.

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