Gabriel Rios - Carlito lyrics

Only the lyrics, love the song :D

Got holes in my pocket
and in my grandma s house I got a stash with rockets
Got a picture of my mom and dad
in a locket that I hang round my neck when I hang
Yesterday I wrote a play
It is called plain desire cause I blew the street car away
Don t know if I may
get myself a way out of this one

Maybe with a bucket of love oh yeah
With a bucket of love, gonna make everything go bliss

Six strings in my belly and chest
Singing to them ugly saints like all the rest
Always a step away from the best of the best
Hiding out in glory s nest
I got six dirty ways and I am praising em
Six dirty fingers and I am playing some

pum, pum, pum
pum ,pum, pum
pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum

Bucket of love oh yeah
with a bucket of love gonna make everything go bliss

Carlito made a trip to a horrible planet
Carlito was a bitch and the planet was just a planet
Six months six years sick days it took him
A lot of trying just to come back blacker than black
with tits cutting women up in fits
He doesn t know it but I have him in the Ritz
of my mind doing time with free things and wine
no baco ncause he don t eat no swine
Yesterday I wrote a play
I put Carlito in it and it all began to sway
Don t know if I may
get myself a way out of this one

Maybe with a bucket of love
Oh yeah
with a bucket of love gonna make everything go(3x)

No Use For A Name - Biggest Lie

In the back: the Kundalini? + life is just a ride (or tv is just a goddamn amusementpark) + 5 pointed star


Stargate with the sheeple spinnin around it or even better: rollercoaster (life) with the sheeple spinnin round it like clueless f*cks :p

Believe Nothing?

Some Stargate spinnin

Know your place Shut your face (in the background)
(You write what you·re told, tnx corporate news, we couldn·t control the people without you)

here are the lyrics
Ladies and gentleman we interrupt or program of dance music to bring you a special bulletin from the in continental news."

The writing's on the wall, but no one cares at all
To convey the message that we wrote ourselves
Destroy the walls we mend and burn the candle at both ends

(I really think we are)
Becoming more mindless of the heart
(Becoming everything we hate)
Building our castles for the future
(A Trojan horse is at the gate)
Built by the enemy that we made

It's false sincerity, we hear celebrities
"Buy a hybrid if you can" with ten years of your food stamps
Caught myself listening to sheltered excuses for human beings

(So it becomes elite)
They separate then what have we got?
(Nothing in common with their wealth)
One clip can change public opinion
(One sin can send you straight to hell)
Learned how to lie and not get caught
More piss in the melting pot

Shut out majority with riches
(Their words become more valuable)
Then the voice of a million starving children
(That they have a million ways to solve)
Left freedom bleeding on the roadside,
We believe the biggest lie

MillenColin - Biftek Supernova from the Album "KINGWOOD"

"Biftek Supernova"

I had a dream last night, a dream about a bear,
dancing in a trenchcoat, hat, and vest.
It didn't take me long to get me well aware
of who was hiding underneath that dress.
For twenty six long years I've known that guy
and I would say his limit is the sky.
I know he would say that it's no big deal.
Humbleness is not needed, you're for real.

Tonight, you turned into Supernova
The Pepper will soon be in clover.
You got your signs right down at Rover.
Yeah, you turned into Supernova.

He'll show you how to pull the trigger on a gun.
I've heard that he's in such a rage.
He'll show you more cause his career have just begun
so watch out for when he will hit the stage.
For twenty six long years I've known that man
and I'm proud to say that we're from the same clan.
A third one just like me and that's alright
but a star like Supernova is way more bright.

I wouldn't say it's over.
You got your signs at Rover
and soon you'll be in clover.

The Dude is out there tonight,
they call him Supernova.

Rise Against - Give It All


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