The I in the Triangle by Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton WIlson: The I in the Triangle playlist :

(3 vids of aprox. 40 min. each)

Funny Stargate pictures &Birdy Nam Nam ESCAPE vid

escape - birdy nam nam

Stella Artois Hidden Masonic Symbols

This is an old commercial panel I found on the net of Belgiums Stella Artois Beer
Again there ·s the masonic all seeing eye and pyramid :p

Muse " Super Massive Blackhole " & Molech Owl Symbolism

As we are going along on the "everythings illuminated road trip" here on the blog check out muse
hidden symbols in their vid "Super Massive Black Hole" wich was also on the soundtrack of the
movie "Twilight" (imdb info) (check out the stargate symbolism in the poster ! )

Stargate in the letter "G"

I flipped this pic upsidedown to expose the all seeing eye & pyramid symbolism

Now back to Muse vid : "Super Massive Black Hole"!

The Table en the guys head in the middle of the table appears to be an eye with a red mini triangle on top of it

eye in a box

(above pic not from the music vid )

Two Owls , looks like Molech

Slave in front of stargate at the background

Escaping the "Matrix"

Expanding your mind

the "Matrix"

Tree of life¿!?

They end the clip with a subliminal hidden eye wich flashes verry quickly at the end of the clip

Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

Twilight teaser trailer OFFICIAL HD

Birdy Nam Nam - Body Mind Spirit

Nice Art Work from Birdy Nam Nam s ALbum - "Worried"


birdy nam nam body mind spirit live

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