Dutch Candy bags "KATJA" & the Occult Cats

Duth candybags from Katja have some weird symbolism hidden.
As you all see there is a cats head in the middle, stargate in the middle¿?, andthe cats tail could ressemble the snake surrounded with the colors yellow
& purple (colour symbolism shall be explained later)

The cat & the Occult

THE MYSTICAL character of the cat has challenged attention, delighting her admirers and terrifying her detractors, since she strolled rather suddenly and magnificently into history about 1600 B. C. Her origin itself is veiled in the deepest mystery, for those who believe her to be a gentle descendant of some tamed wild cat must overlook the fact that of all terrestrial beasts the wild cat of today most persistently and ferociously resists all attempts at domestication. “Peut-être est-il fée, est il dieu,” writes Baudelaire of puss, and again the French poet speaks of the “chat mystérieux, chat séraphique, chat étrange.” A writer in the “Occult Review” informs us that cats have green auras and assures us that they are the most magnetic of quadrupeds. Sir Walter Scott once observed to Washington Irving, “Ah! cats are a mysterious kind of folk. There is more passing in their minds than we are aware of. It comes no doubt from their being so familiar with warlocks and witches.” Sir Walter, however, reversed cause and effect. Warlocks and witches are familiar with cats because cats are occult. Their tread is soft and noiseless. They leap lightly, and apparently blindly to the top of a high-boy littered with glass and china without disturbing an element in this brittle composition. The pupils of their eyes, wide open, vary with the light; in China it has sometimes been the fashion to tell the time of day by them; in Suffolk cats’ eyes are popularly supposed to dilate with the ebb and flow of the tide. Madame Michelet asserts that it is their very transparence, their clearness, which gives these eyes their mystery, these wide open eyes which see on and beyond, which stare in an ecstatic gnostic gaze which has nothing in common with the begging or reproachful eyes of a dog. At night these eyes glisten and shine in the dark. Maister Salmon, who writes of puss in his “Compleat English Physician,” published in 1693, seems to be sufficiently bewildered: “As to its Eyes, Authors say that they shine in the Night; and see better at the full, and more dimly at the change of the Moon. Also that the Cat doth vary his Eyes with the Sun; the Pupil being round at Sunrise, and long towards the Noon, and not to be seen at all at Night, but the whole Eye shining in the darkness. These appearances of the Cat’s Eyes, I am sure are true; but whether they answer to the times of Day, I have never observed.” The half-shut lids are even more suggestive and significant of strange thaumaturgic powers. They can be feral, too, these eyes, a fact that Prosper Mérimée has recorded in “Carmen”: “Eye of a gipsy, eye of a wolf is a Spanish proverb which signifies acute observation. If you have not the time to go to the zoological gardens to study the stare of a wolf, look at your cat when he lies in wait for a sparrow.” The fur harbours electricity and sends swift currents of this lightning up the arm of him who strokes the animal. Sometimes, alone with a cat in the dead silences of the night, I have watched the creature’s eyes suddenly dilate, her ears point back; with arched spine a startling, unexpected, unexplained prance across the floor follows; then puss settles back again to laundry and repose as if nothing had happened. What has happened? What has awakened this fit of wildness? Is it some noise unheard by humans, an unwelcome smell, or some reminiscence of the terrible mediaeval nights when the cat joined the witch in her broom-stick trails across the face of the moon?

more here: http://www.bartleby.com/234/4.html


Loads of hidden symbols in tmf awards logo: Mayan Temple, All seeing Eye, Pyramids, Stargates, Angels & 5 pointed star

Dio ft Sef: tijdmachine (dutch)
translated: If I had a time machine

The European Union and A New World Order

Map before Europe Existed
European Union 2009

Looptroop - Illegal Commercials lyrics & Banksy Artwork

them a call us writers
them a call it illegal commercials
just because we do what the fuck we want

them a call us writers
them a call it illegal commercials
c.o.p. try stop us but they can't

well the establishment is all about cash
when it comes to graff versus commercials
let me ?? on the ??
what's the basic difference between graff and commercials
commercial motherfuckers got more cash in their purses
other the natural cause
graffiti looks a lot better
a lot of them fools can't even make nice letters
and they always exposing naked bodies
to get my ?? ?? ?? i don't need photos of hotties

all i need is some cans
and i need maybe just five minutes
depends on what the ?? wants when i'm finished
now let me interrupt your day-to-day ???-life
with my name on the wall
graffiti broadcasted live
it won't cost you nothing
i got no products to sell

but the story you tell do the letters i spell
s.h.i.t with the b.i.f c.r.e.w
love graffiti til death
i got one question
why is graffiti illegal
we put our name on surfaces like any advertisement
in this society when everybody wants to make a name
but the rich make the rules

and only they can play the game
the same thing with writers and corperations
but they got cash

more artwork from Banksy here: http://www.banksy.co.uk/
* Peace *

Watchmen - Motion Comic trailer

Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic. This takes the original Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons graphic novel and animates it – sort of. Actually, this Watchmen replicates the original visuals, animates it, and adds audio. It’s an interesting way to adapt material like this.

Watchmen - Teaser Trailer (Motion Comic Version)

Gamma Ray- Valley of the Kings music vid!

Beck - Gamma Ray music vid from the album MODERN GUILT

The Minotaur & Role models movie minotaur energy drink sync

From imdb: Wild behavior forces a pair of energy drink reps to enroll in a Big Brother program

two spokespeople for an energy drinks company that speaks to schools about doing their drink in place of drugs. After a really bad (but hilarious) day however, the two end up with 150 hours of community service, having to look after kids from the Little Wing Foundation.

This is shot at the Little Wings Foundation, look at the painting in the background, some interesting symbols of angels etc .

Look how they try attract the kids minds with energy drinks company that speaks to schools about doing their drink in place of drugs with the Minotaur Symbolism

The minotaur Energy drink car in the movie

The guys from the energy company dressed up like The Minotaur

The Minotaur

Real Name: Asterius

Human/bovine hybrid of magical origin
Native of Crete in the 13th Century B.C.; The general populace of modern-day Earth believe the Minotaur to be a fictional character of mythological origin.

Occupation: Predator

Affiliations: pawn of Minos;
possibly Bova,
Man-Bull, Matador, and Toro Rojo

Enemies: Theseus; possibly Ikaris

Known Relatives:
Pasiphae (mother); Bull of Poseiden (father); Minos (foster father); Androgeus, Catreus, Deucalion, Glaucus (Step-brothers); Ariadne, Phaedra (step-sisters);

Aliases: Minotaur translates to "Minos' Bull"

Base of Operations: The Labyrinth, Crete

First Appearance: Eternals II#5 (February, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: The Minotaur possesses an uncertain amount of superhuman strength (likely enhanced human) and possibly enhanced durability and olfactory senses. It is a savage, unintelligent creature, with hard, sharp horns on its head.

History: (Historical myth) - The Minotaur was the offspring of the Queen Pasiphae and the Bull of Poseiden. Her husband, King Minos, had been given control of the oceans around Crete by the divine right of the sea-god Poseiden. To show his appreciation, Minos promised to sacrifice the first bull he saw to the sea-god, knowing full well that he did not have one. Poseiden then allowed one to appear, a great white one, but Minos kept it as a gift to himself rather than sacrifice it as promised. Angered, Poseiden instructed Eros, the god of love, to smite Pasiphae with a love for the great bull. She instructed Daedalus, the royal artisan, to create a hollow wooden cow that she could enter to admire the bull up close. From within it, she became pregnant by the bull which was later captured as the seventh labor of Hercules and taken to Greece.

more here http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/minotaur.htm

Through the stargate with The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

Check out the "all seeing eye" or "stargate" in the musicvid

German Supermarket Symbols kaufland, liddl & aldi - Masonic Pyramids And Suns

German Supermarket Symbols - Masonic Pyramids And Suns

Supermarkets kaufland, liddl & aldi using masonic symbols

Looptroop Rainbow Faces (album: Fort Europa)

From the album FORT EUROPA

Looptroop - rainbow faces song

+ extra Ziggy Marley : Rainbow in the sky

Hiphop & the Occult : Dilated People

All seeing Eye in the middle of the vault
same here : look at the shattered glass in the middle

All seeing eye used in the top of dome
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