Obama to Disclose X-Files on Anti-Gravity Technology


Outer Space - Spaceport America & Disneylands Spacemountain

Check out this futuristic Spaceport!


Check out what kind of weather it is today in SPACE!

link: http://www.spaceweather.com/

Obama HOPE poster artist Shepard Fairey arrested in Boston

Obama HOPE poster artist Shepard Fairey arrested in Boston

Bad Religion - YOU!

there's a place where everyone can be happy!
it's the most beautiful place in the whole fuckin' world!
it's made of candy canes and planes
and bright, red choo choo trains

Luminus - Electric Company commercial

WWF - Save the Planet! - You got the whole world i your hands!

" WWF·s ultimate goal is to build a future where people live in harmony with nature ! "

Dead Prez - Propaganda

Cool old school dragonball z shockwave game

here·s the link:

Buddha, Lost and the "Dharma Logo"

The 8 sided Dharma logos with there black dot centers resonates the Galaxy's Heart (a black hole) and Manitoba's Legislative Building Pool of the Black Star.
Both "Lost" and Obama resonate harmoniously through there Milky Way flavor.

Believe Nothing! Question Everything!

Noein : Your reality tunnel and quantum physics! SPolier episode 11

Noein. To your other self - theme song!

I found this dialogue of episode 11 "Out of Sync" of Noein quiet interesting.
Here it goes:

A:Quantum teleportation?

Uchida - San: If you apply a change to one of two quanta generated at the same time, the same change will
appear in the other quantum.

B: That phenomenon is called quantum teleportation.
B. A system to use the properties of this quanta to instantly transfer a large amount of information
B. Thats the Magic Circle Project the governement is doing right now
We focused our attention on theta particles that exist within the quanta
Its probably the smallest unit of matter that exists
The governements attempting to use these to make quantum teleportation practical
If its completed, it is said that it ·ll bring about a revolution even bigger than the industrial revolution

A: Quantum huh? Is it dangerous¿

B: Theta particles affect the surrounding quantum potential field

A: Quantum potential?

B: To put it simply, timespace is warping

A: Timespace¿

B. I have a feeling that all this is caused by contact with another timespace

A: Another timespace¿

B: Other timespaces , similiar to what is described by the multiple universe interpretation of quantum theory.

A: multiple universe interpretation of quantum theory¿

B: God does not play dice

A: Dice¿

B: Something people dont believe in is the uncertainty of a quantum world.

A: uncertainty of a quantum world¿

B: Lets say that you rolled the dice and got a six
Lets say you have a six, but it could have been a 4 or a 5 , right?
The probability is the same.
What if there was a world where you rolled a 4 of a 5?
There are infinite worlds and an infinite number of you are rolling an infinite number of dice.


B. This is the theory of quantum physics
The quantum, wich is the smallest particle that composes matter, it is far too small to be
observed in its natural state.
When humans "observe" something they hit it with light and observe its reflection.
But since quanta are about the same size as the photons wich make up light, merely hitting it
with light causes a large change in the observed particle

A: OK, so I get you cant really observe quanta, but whats that got to do with the existence of
multiple worlds¿

B: If you cant observe it, that means that you cant tell what kind of state it is in.
That means that infinite numbers of possibilities exist

A: What?

B: For instance, think about the theoretical position of a single quantum...
Untill you observe it , there is a possibility that it could exist anywhere!

A: I dunno, You re saying that just because you cant see it , its everywhere¿

B: No, not exists , could possibly exist.

A: Possibility...

B. Yes! and all the matter in the world, including you and I , are made up of those little quanta.

A. Wait, you said you cant determine where these quanta things exist, but I am right here!
And this glass and this table are here too!

B: That whats make quantum physics so difficult to explain...
Normally, the existince of everyday macroscopic - level things are stable.
But on the microscopic level of quanta that existence instantly becomes more vague.

A: I have a headache

B: Everthing in this world is build up by those unstable quanta.
Wich means that this entire world branches into infinite worlds with infinite possibilities every

We called that world the multiple worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics
An infinite number of worlds spreading out forever like a set of opposing mirrors, and an
infinite number of you are rolling an infinite number of dice.

A: Do you really believe in the existence of other worlds¿

B: We call them other timespace though.
In the quantum world there is another type of coordinates, surpassing time and space.
The formula that expresses those coordinates proves the existence of other timespaces.
Its at best a mathematical existence , though.

A: Can you go to these other worlds?

B: If you became a quantum existence, it might be possible.
Become an indefinte existence and moving to an indefinite different timespace is theoretically
possible, maybe.

A: I feel like I have had a bad night of drinking

B: A long time ago , when people thought the sun revolved around the earth where told that its
the opposite, the couldnt believe it at first.

People ,you see, need time to throw away the truhts they believed in !

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