The Minotaur & Role models movie minotaur energy drink sync

From imdb: Wild behavior forces a pair of energy drink reps to enroll in a Big Brother program

two spokespeople for an energy drinks company that speaks to schools about doing their drink in place of drugs. After a really bad (but hilarious) day however, the two end up with 150 hours of community service, having to look after kids from the Little Wing Foundation.

This is shot at the Little Wings Foundation, look at the painting in the background, some interesting symbols of angels etc .

Look how they try attract the kids minds with energy drinks company that speaks to schools about doing their drink in place of drugs with the Minotaur Symbolism

The minotaur Energy drink car in the movie

The guys from the energy company dressed up like The Minotaur

The Minotaur

Real Name: Asterius

Human/bovine hybrid of magical origin
Native of Crete in the 13th Century B.C.; The general populace of modern-day Earth believe the Minotaur to be a fictional character of mythological origin.

Occupation: Predator

Affiliations: pawn of Minos;
possibly Bova,
Man-Bull, Matador, and Toro Rojo

Enemies: Theseus; possibly Ikaris

Known Relatives:
Pasiphae (mother); Bull of Poseiden (father); Minos (foster father); Androgeus, Catreus, Deucalion, Glaucus (Step-brothers); Ariadne, Phaedra (step-sisters);

Aliases: Minotaur translates to "Minos' Bull"

Base of Operations: The Labyrinth, Crete

First Appearance: Eternals II#5 (February, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: The Minotaur possesses an uncertain amount of superhuman strength (likely enhanced human) and possibly enhanced durability and olfactory senses. It is a savage, unintelligent creature, with hard, sharp horns on its head.

History: (Historical myth) - The Minotaur was the offspring of the Queen Pasiphae and the Bull of Poseiden. Her husband, King Minos, had been given control of the oceans around Crete by the divine right of the sea-god Poseiden. To show his appreciation, Minos promised to sacrifice the first bull he saw to the sea-god, knowing full well that he did not have one. Poseiden then allowed one to appear, a great white one, but Minos kept it as a gift to himself rather than sacrifice it as promised. Angered, Poseiden instructed Eros, the god of love, to smite Pasiphae with a love for the great bull. She instructed Daedalus, the royal artisan, to create a hollow wooden cow that she could enter to admire the bull up close. From within it, she became pregnant by the bull which was later captured as the seventh labor of Hercules and taken to Greece.

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