Master of Disguise: Illuminati eye in triangle & mantra

Nice comedy movie with Dana Carvey and lots of illuminati eyes in triangle
Master of Disguise=Shapeshifting

The movie starts with a flyby over 2 books with an image of an illuminati eye in triangle
Notice the book in the left corner

From the movie: Many centuries ago, a remarkable family began to practice the magical art of digsuise. Down through the ages they worked in secret, protecting the world from evil This is their story:

masonic checkerboard floor

Lets flash you with another illuminati eye in triangle for the next part
They keep flashin this symbol loads of time when they change scenes in the movie

They eye on the old mans bathrobe

The disguises way; book with illuminati eye again

Really? two eyes in one scene
Meet Devlin bowmen, kind of weird name I think

From the movie: It is time for you to learn about the invisable energy field, that bounds all disguises beyond and present it is
called: ENERGICO
When you learn how to tap into energico you will be able to access words, skills, ideas, that you never dreamed where
You can think like another person, you will be able to act like another person, to feel like another person,
you will become: ANOTHER PERSON!
You must repeat the mantra : Become another person

Masonic symbol upside down in the background in the red glass in the middle

The symbol on the right is the symbol of infinity
Sun (left) and Illuminati eye in triangle ball

An illuminating eye in the sky
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